Seize Your Potential

To often we look at our circumstances and what is not happening, as opposed to our strengths and what we have to work with that will help turn things around.

By looking at the current situation, hopelessness gets an inroad, which then often leads to getting stuck in a rut.

But when you allow yourself to get creative and step outside of your comfort zone, opportunity can flourish.


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Dread Champion

Another Mini Moment:

What does it mean to be a dread champion?

For me it means putting fear in the heart of God's arch enemy.

It means that every time I open my mouth to trumpet the word of God, he quivers at the sound of my voice and the words that I speak.

It also means being able to turn back the hordes of hell just by the sound of my name being mentioned, because they knows they will get...

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Time to Step Out of the Box You Got Put In

Mini Moment:

It is time to step out of the box that you, along with others, put yourself in.

God is wanting you to know yourself as you are known in heaven, because how you know yourself currently, is only a fraction of who God has called and designed you to be.

It is easy to see that the world is in upheaval, and who God needs you to be during this current time of war, is...

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Women who have a heartbeat for God that is laid down, in surrender and submission to the lover of her soul.

Women who have been on a journey where their heart has been refined as gold by the fire of adversity and come out the other side understanding that God had a bigger purpose in all of it.

Women who are not out to make a name for themselves but rather have the name of Jesus Christ...

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What If

What if a group of women came together and formed a tightly knit community of believers walking in covenantal relationship, helping to activate one another’s God given assignments? Would that interest you?

What if an army of women prepared to take out God’s enemies within their own circles of influence? Could you possibly see yourself as one of them?

If you desire for GOD to get ALL...

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What Would Happen If A Baby Determined Their Future Based On Their Past?

What would happen if a baby determined their future based on their past? Would they ever walk or would they see themselves as limited to crawling?

It is crazy to think a baby would do that but to often we as adults look at our past experiences or even current circumstances and let that dictate our identity and how we walk through life. 

What gives?

Then it only gets worse when we let other...

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