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Taking Courageous Imperfect Action

destiny emotional mastery identity transition Aug 15, 2022

Have you ever had your life built on someone else's dream, and decades later when you look in the mirror, you are unhappy with yourself, your decisions, and life in general?

If you want to change this and find something that lights you up, know it is never too late. It just takes a little bit of courage.

It also doesn't matter if you don't know where to start or how to get there, the first step to change is to know you want something more and then look for the "who". 

The "who" is a person like myself that has the blueprint for where to start and how to avoid the stumbling blocks because I've already made that shift and have learned many lessons along the way.

One of them being that feeling lost and alone, with no idea what to do with your life, is just the start of the journey but one that can be easily solved with some expertise coming alongside of you.

Whether you have lived a fulfilling life, or a lousy one, doesn't matter. Change happens to all of us because life happens whether unexpected or planned. 

The question is what will you do when it arrives on your doorstep?

You basically have two choices.

You can choose to continue to be dissatisfied and live a life of familiarity, or you can take courageous, imperfect, action and move towards a life that makes your heart sing!

Imagine getting up every day with a huge smile on your face because YOU chose to walk out what lights you up!

That's what Nellie did.

That's what I did.

And that's what you can do!

It just takes a decision and then some imperfect, courageous action.

So, come and join Nellie and myself this Thursday to hear about the joys, the pain and the victory of walking out some dreams.

Did Nellie and I do it perfectly?

Heck no.

It took courageous, imperfect, action that resulted in both of us getting to walk out every day doing what we love and feel fulfilled in doing.

So, come and join us and let God stir up the possibilities within your heart of taking the first step towards courageous, imperfect, action.


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