I have a dream

A dream to inspire women to discover their incredible value, cultivate their infinite potential and unleash their amazing calling for the purpose of transforming their gifting and passion into financial freedom.

A dream where women's unwavering resolve to ethically walk out their highest potential will be based on the common good of communities, not just personal gain. 

A dream to empower women to take their rightful place alongside of men in a culture of honor, actualizing their God given identity, with love and mercy being their trademark.

If you would like to partner with other women from around the world with similar value systems, then take the time to add your name to my email list. Together let us support one another in creating financial freedom and the raising up of moral standards, through the empowering of your God given, God sized dream!


Shared Values

We are entrepreneurial women committed to making decisions based on shared moral convictions for the common good, not just for personal self-interest and financial gain. This win/win scenario then becomes the catalyst in the transformation and betterment of our families, communities and nations, diminishing the practice of greed and corruption.


Code of Ethics

We walk in a culture of honor towards all

Love and mercy is our trademark

Our ethical & moral standards attract and inspire others, refusing to bend to dishonest practices

Ethical business practices are utilized

We stand with one another, leaving no one isolated and alone

We first check out the facts before saying anything

We forgive, holding short accounts

We thank God when justice is served but grieve for the loss of life of the accused


Potential Cost Of Walking Ethically

This is not for the faint of heart. Be prepared to have to pay a high price. It may mean lost jobs and revenue, facing slander and opposition, intimidation and in some countries even death. Greed and corruption won't go down without a fight but fight we must, holding to a higher value system for the purpose of our future generations.


Resourcing & Empowering Women Globally

This woman's entrepreneurial community (E-Community) is committed to providing quality training, group coaching and opportunities to connect, networking with other entrepreneurial women from around the world by:

1. Equipping entrepreneurial women to step out with confidence and align with their God given design for the purpose of financial freedom

2. Be able to access discounted, free and comprehensive training

3. Eliminating isolation by connecting members of like mind & purpose through a peer mentoring program

4. Sharing stories of transformation from this E-Community to encourage and inspire others


Future Vision and Goal

To raise finances to support E-Community women, who because of standing ethically have lost jobs or revenue and need start up costs to finance their own business

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