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I will show you how to create a smile so BIG from the inside out that others will wonder what's up!


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3 Inner Game & Peak Performance Strategist Benefits:


Find your SMILE again. 

Experience unconditional support while quickly learning to dismantle mindsets that set you up for fear and uncertainty.

Replace it with unwavering confidence using simple, definable steps, No digging. Change life defining moments into positives, all without doing a deep dive into painful past issues.

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Find UNCONDITIONAL Love and Acceptance.

Find STABILITY in the Unchanging One.

Wrestling with God is ok, especially when feeling betrayed by Him.

Let your hunger and passion for a deep intimate relationship shift into high gear compelling you to step out of self defeating mindsets with the Almighty.

Work at your own pace interacting with an artists playful rendition of a modern day, relational, Jesus.

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For those that value dynamic GROUP interaction...

Relax in the comfort of your own home while interacting with other women, with your favorite latte or cup of tea.

Discover together an identity upgrade into that person you absolutely love and adore. Together everyone makes a difference.

Shed the insecurity, go for the gold and step into the extraordinary quality of life you desire.

Groups only happen a couple of times a year, so in the meantime, gift yourself a FREE consult and let's start the process of an amazing transformation.


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 Ignite Your Passion

Take control of your life, your emotions and your future.

Gain proven tools and strategies to step into the life you want, using your circumstances as a stepping stone into BIGGER and BETTER things.

Determine not to walk in anything less than extraordinary. Learn to QUICKLY take down any thoughts that say otherwise.

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Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Dorothy; As an experienced INNER GAME and PEAK PERFORMANCE STRATEGIST, my passion is to support women in developing UNWAVERING CONFIDENCE in themselves.

Creating the type of life that you both want and deserve – allowing breakthrough to happen, starts by IDENTIFYING and then destroying the chokehold of LIMITING BELIEFS that hold you back.

By dismantling limiting beliefs, you can then create an UNSHAKABLE MINDSET which has the potential to give you the extraordinary QUALITY OF LIFE you desire.

It was in my early 40’s that I learned the power of turning around my limiting belief system.

My hunger and passion for teaching others shifted into high gear as these very tools helped take me from CRISIS, through TRANSFORMATION, and into SUCCESS.

So, what story are you telling yourself that holds you back from being a LEVEL 10 in both your business and personal life?

Figuring that out is critical if you want to live a life that SERVES YOU WELL, makes your HEART SMILE, and your EYES TO BRIGHTEN.

If that speaks to you, I'd love to be the one to help you SAVE TIME and LIGHTEN the LOAD.

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If you've ever tried to find a good coach, you will know that finding the right person to work with is critical to the process of permanent, life changing transformation.

The right coach will allow you to feel safe, heard, and valued. They will also allow you to be true to yourself, your value system, simultaneously producing hopeful change.

Sign up and discover how Dorothy's sensitivity and skill level quickly allowed Emma get to the root of her problem, where the other 29 therapists and programs had previously failed.