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I will show you how to create a smile so BIG from the inside out that others will wonder what's up!


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3 Inner Game & Identity Coaching Benefits:


SUPPORT in the midst of fear and uncertainty.

Find your smile again in the midst of painful situations due to loss of health, job or even the familiar.

Experience unconditional support while quickly learning to remove fear and other obstacles holding you back so you can gain unwavering confidence.

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Find STABILITY in the midst of trauma and pain.

In a world turned upside down...

It is possible to find stability in the Unchanging One. Wrestling with God is ok, especially when feeling betrayed by Him. Honest, real, and raw will help you to discover not only His unconditional love and acceptance, but your own as well. Work at your own pace through this online self directed study. Get started today and click on the link below.


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Step out of isolation and into COMMUNITY. 

Who you are and what you are struggling with matters.  You have permission to remove the mask, find the courage to be real and gain an identity upgrade into that person you absolutely love and so do others! Together everyone makes a difference. Sign up today by clicking the link below to start the process of getting connected.


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There is life beyond today.

Today's pain does not have to define your future.

Gain proven tools and strategies to step into the life you want, using your circumstances as a stepping stone into igniting your passion. Determine not to walk in anything less than extraordinary.

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Hi! I’m Dorothy; As an experienced INNER GAME and IDENTITY COACH, my passion is to support women in developing UNWAVERING CONFIDENCE in themselves. I give SUPPORT in the midst of confusion and pain. I provide a place of STABILITY in a world turned upside down. Having walked through my own personal major health crisis in my early forties, I know how difficult it can be. I understand tears flowing like an unending river, wrestling with God and depression. Know that with supports your journey doesn't have to be as long, hard or lonely and that out of your devastation can come this amazing person that fully learns to love herself. For those that desire to FAST TRACK, removing obstacles that stop you from LOVING YOURSELF and DOING WHAT YOU LOVE, I invite you to use the FREE consult tab above and let's get you into that life you've always desired, igniting your passion, stepping out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary.

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6 Basic Human Needs Inventory

Everyone wants to feel like they are in control of their lives. It gives a sense of security. But did you know that over 90% of your decisions are unconsciously driven? They underlie and motivate every choice you make. Take this FREE quiz to find out more about yours. It takes about ten minutes to complete, with immediate feedback.