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I will show you how to create a smile so BIG from the inside out that others will wonder what's up!


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Three Transitional Coaching Benefits:


SUPPORT in the midst of transition

Find your smile again in the midst of painful transition due to loss of health. Experience unconditional support throughout your time of wrestling with the change process.

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Find STABILITY in the midst of trauma and pain.

In a world turned upside down...

It is possible to find stability in the Unchanging One. Wrestling with God is ok, especially when feeling betrayed by Him. Honest, real, and raw will help you to discover not only His unconditional love and acceptance, but your own as well.


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Step out of isolation and into COMMUNITY. 

Who you are and what you are struggling with matters.  You have permission to remove the mask and find the courage to be real along with the other women. Together everyone makes a difference.


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There is life beyond today.

Today's pain does not have to define your future. With help you get to define your difficult circumstances into something meaningful and beautiful. Together the magic happens.


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Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Dorothy; As an experienced TRANSITIONS COACH, my passion is to support women's unexpected lifechanging transitions. I give SUPPORT in the midst of confusion and pain. I provide a place of STABILITY in a world turned upside down and I help to provide COMMUNITY for women walking a similar journey. Having walked through my own personal healthy crisis over twenty years ago, I know how difficult it is to have your body betray you. My tears flowed like an unending river. I wrestled with God, depression, and my health. My waking world consisted of confusion, uncertainty, and pain. My journey was long and hard but out of that devastation came this amazing person that learned to fully love herself. One thing I know, only those who have walked this kind of journey will not judge or condemn others. For those that desire this kind of support, I invite you to make contact using the FREE consult tab at the top and let's get you out of isolation and into a supportive community. Know you do not need to walk alone. Just reach out and let's talk.

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