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Have you ever wondered why you struggle to enjoy what you’re doing while watching other leaders love what they do? In this book you will...

  • Learn to gain mastery over the stories that you tell yourself
  • Quickly be able to challenge old thought patterns
  • Easily establish new neurological pathways to enable you to take control of your life
  • Develop an increased ability to diminish trigger points to become more proactive and less reactive
  • Stress management tips and tricks
  • An increased belief in yourself and your abilities

Whether you’re familiar with Dorothy’s work or not this book is for anyone who wants to step up and lead with authority that stands on confidence and heart, not just position.

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Your mission should you choose to accept to feel like a million dollars having learned to effectively handle stress.



Just Imagine... 

Instead of waking up and feeling exhausted, dreading another day, you feel refreshed, your joy and passion having returned for building your growing business.

You feel amazed by how easy it is for you to no longer be overwhelmed by little things, but instead, live from a place of personal power, calm and confidence. 

You feel excited, relieved, and way healthier. Refreshed and energized, you step back into building your success story. panic attacks!

Wow! You can't stop smiling!

Don't Get Left Behind. Start Today.

Just Imagine... 

Waking up and your stress related health issues are almost non-existent.

You feel amazed by how easy it is for you to no longer be overwhelmed by little things.

Your tiredness is lifting and you are even looking forward to getting back into the workforce.

You feel excited, relieved, and way healthier. panic attacks!

Wow! You can't stop smiling!

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All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

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Hey there friend...

I remember a time when I was just like you.

I woke up one day in my 40's, smack dab in the middle of a health crisis.

It felt like life had thrown me a curveball. A really bad one.

I was angry, confused, and honestly a bit scared. 

I kept asking 'why me?'. I felt lost, I no longer knew who I was, and struggled to not drown in overwhelm.

Several decades later while reading a book I discovered that the hypersensitivity and cross wiring of what my brain perceived as a "threat", had kept my body locked in a never-ending "fight, flight, or freeze" stress response.

It had been my "rouge" brain that had been responsible for the various health challenges, which explained why the medical community when looking for a physical cause, was never able to find one.


More of My Story

Wanted...Female Business Leaders

I'm looking for female business leaders who are willing to invest in their transformation and commit to living from a place of personal power, so they can have greater impact and leave and amazing legacy.

Let's look at where you are underperforming and turn that around so you can gain the respect, confidence and fulfilling lifestyle that you desire.

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Learn to reclaim your health, decrease your stress and anxiety levels, and discover the real you...all by retraining your brain.

Gain understanding as to how your brain sabotages your health by trying to self protect. and creates very real health issues, illnesses and sensitivities when overloaded with stress and what to do about it.

It only runs 4 times a year with each session limited to 20 women, for optimal personal attention. (Formally known as 50 & Fabulous.)

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50 & Fabulous con't

Your Mission, should you choose to accept to learn how to retrain your brain for the purpose of reclaiming your health.


Imagine yourself feeling like a million dollar woman...and loving it, leaving confusion, overwhelm and dread in the past.


By the end of the program, you will have everything you need - to effectively keep your stress levels in check, so that you can go back to living a normal lifestyle, having learned to shut down the over reactive limbic alarm system.


That is all possible when you take this unique 8-week journey.








Finding the Right Coach

Dorothy is a true professional in the art of helping others. With over 33+ years of experience, she has an unrivaled track record of helping people recover their lives. Four of her top favorites are:

1. Within one year, she took a woman from eleven years of being bedridden, (that the mainline medical system had failed to help) to up and walking normally; without aids.

2. Within one-hour she shifted 80 years of insomnia to not only sleeping soundly throughout the night for the first time since childhood, but also since then.

3. 70 years of dental phobia/extreme panic attack levels eliminated within 3 hours, allowing that individual to walk into the dentist's office two days later with zero fear.

4. Where 29 other therapists and programs had previously failed to get to the root of her problem, Dorothy's sensitivity and skill level quickly gave Emma her life back again. Click on the VIDEO below to hear it directly from Emma.

This level of expertise has resulted in her clients being able to fast track the replacing of their old, survival "normal" with a new and improved version that they absolutely love and thrive in. Now who wouldn't want that?

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Together We Can...

Women's  SPONSORSHIP Program. 

"A person who has their health has a 1,000 dreams. The one who does not have their health only has one get their health back." (Unknown).


When the health of a mom goes, so does the 5 primary areas she oversees within the home: Caregiving. Organization. Emotional Support. Multi-tasking. Decision-making.

Everything falls apart because she has fallen apart. Sick and unable to support her family anymore, desperate times increase the already toxic stress levels, which in turn further compound her health issues. A vicious cycle becomes never ending without intervention.

This is where you can help. As an individual for only $25/week with a ONE year commitment, your financial support can mean the difference in TURNING AROUND the mom's emotional/physical health issues affecting her job, sanity, identity, finances, and family.

Drastic times means drastic measures. We ALL need one another. Please help out a mom today by clicking on the link below allowing her to get Dorothy's help.

If you're a business, let's talk in person and give even more towards the value of life. Use the FREE Consult button and title it SPONSORSHIP.




Emma Blount Video & Verbal Testimony



I feel happier now, having felt very depressed before the session. Thank you so much for your help today, it really helped me reframe what had happened on the holiday as a valuable lesson and a marker of my growth. I now understand I need to grow in loving myself and not just accepting ‚Äúscraps‚ÄĚ friends