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Transformation Not Stagnation

destiny identity transition Aug 09, 2022

These are crazy times in the world.

You can choose to position yourself to just survive or to thrive.

It is a choice.

But I want to invite you to make the decision to allow this season of adversity to transform you, not just hide away, shift into survival mode, and then stagnate because of it.

God created you to walk out your time here on earth during this bizarre season.

There is a reason why He chose to do it now.

You don't have to know "why."

You just have to trust Him.

Maybe you are like a Gideon, hiding out in the winepress.

God still has your number, knows where to find you and has something for you to do.

Maybe you are more like David of old and prefer to run to the battle, pursuing and taking all.

It doesn't matter.

God has need of you in this upside-down world of ours where godly values are being trampled on faster than you can blink.

If you just give Him your "YES" He will help you to get you to where He wants to position you.

That happened to me several years ago.

I asked God "how will I know?" 

Deep within my knowing I sensed Him say "You choose the spot, and I will get you the rest of the way."

And He did.

I wasn't clear on a lot of details.

I just knew on this assignment that I needed to hop in my car and go, trusting God to show me.

And you know what?

God showed up in the midst of my confusion and gave clarity to my path.

I just gave God my "YES."

And so can you.

YOUR "yes" makes all the difference in the world.

Without it stagnation can happen; not transformation.

Know that it really is just about you saying "YES" each and every time.

God wants to see you prosper in every sense of the word.

The world needs what you have to offer.

With your "yes" this is the season that you can turn your greatest trials into your greatest strengths.

I like how Carol Tice says it: "Dreams are born in our heads, but they're forged and perfected in the fire of experience.

So, whatever season you are in, when the dust settles and the debris is cleared away, your "yes" to God will make all the difference in the world.

That's what Nellie did. 

She just gave God her "YES."

Come and be encouraged.

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