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destiny emotional mastery identity journey to health transition Oct 22, 2022

It has been my utmost privilege to walk alongside of Emma's transformation process. As she has listened to that quiet inner voice from within, healing, confidence and joy have visibly risen up. Emma has learned to let go of behavior that in the past, left her unsatisfied with relationships; even with herself. This combined with learning to walk upright in her true God given identity gave her a winning combination to go forward with, 

Please know in Emma's writing, she has chosen to be extremely vulnerable regarding her transformation process, and like Emma, I pray that you will be encouraged to not settle for less, taking your own healing journey, to the fullness of its completion.

Welcome to Emma's journey of healing.

In June 2022 I decided to seek help from Dorothy Cook because:

  1. I had discovered her through a Christian leader I trusted.
  2. Dorothy had walked through her own emotional healing journey that I desired for myself.
  3. Dorothy combined therapy with Christian prophetic visualization, that kept God at the center of the healing process.
  4. I was not required to suspend my faith belief in order to engage with her methods. As well, I was encouraged to bring my relationship with Christ into the process.
  5. Probably most importantly, this time I genuinely wanted to heal. I was ready to do whatever it took.

Over the last thirty-two years I have been grateful for the 29 therapists and programs I tried before finding Dorothy Cook. They helped to make my life bearable by providing empathy and connection, as well as a large degree of healing.

But even with that..

They did not help me to get to the root of the problem.

Currently I am 55, and I still find it hard to connect intimately with family and friends, or to love people in a healthy manner.

I can still be consumed by random flashes of irrational anger.

I struggle to know who I am.

I sabotage friendships, as well as career opportunities.

I have not had a relationship with a man since I was a teenager.

I have been lonely, stressed, disappointed, and sad.

Since meeting Dorothy, I have completed several of her online courses.

I do a private coaching session with her once a month.

I'm also in a women's group that she currently runs.

I identified fairly soon after starting with Dorothy that I didn’t like myself.

This was good to understand, because uncovering this problem brought me closer to finding the solution.

And with that revelation...

A glimmer of hope started to arise within.

I also learned to listen to what was right for me. This revelation happened when Dorothy made a suggestion that did not work for me.

After processing the negative ramifications with her, Dorothy coached me not to pressure my inner child, and to not go beyond what I was comfortable with.

This became a turning point:

Dorothy allowed me to be in control of my healing.

She encouraged me to be gentle with myself, and to allow the process to happen gradually. All the while, feeling safe.

In contrast, some of the therapy I’d received in the past had retraumatized me.

All my life I’d pressured myself hard in every area; including my healing.

With Dorothy I found my confidence increasing, and an ability to recognize my feelings.

I began to put boundaries in place.

And to be able to connect with how I truly felt.

Discovering that Dorothy would not pressure me to do what I was not comfortable with helped to increase my ability to feel safe with her.

As a result...

I began to sit still more.

I started taking time in nature.

And, I also began to do the things I enjoyed.

Six weeks after first struggling to visualize cuddling my inner child, I became able to feel love and compassion for her, which then allowed me to visualize giving her a proper snuggly cuddle.

This was breakthrough!

After a lifetime of feeling icky at the mere thought of the word “cuddle”, it was no longer an issue.

I celebrated with placing an item in my healing journey jar marking my progress, as well as taking a leisurely shopping expedition for a handbag I didn’t need.

Going forward the possibility still exists that I will only ever reach a level of healing that is at best bearable, and that I will continue to live the rest of my life content, yet not fulfilling my true potential.

But the possibility also exists...

And I have begun to believe this, even saying it out loud...

That I will be healed enough to be unrecognizable from the frightened person I currently am.

That I will soar.

That I will help many others heal.

And that I will love deeply as a whole person.


Emma's Bio:
Emma lives in Norfolk, UK. She exhibits her glass paintings and drawings. She draws portraits to commission and teaches; drawing, glass painting, and watercolor painting.  She has a degree in Public Art from Roehampton University. 
We ask that if you would like a copy of any of her lion drawings, that you would choose a position of honour and purchase it directly from her website.
NOTE: Emma's drawings of lions with children says that God knows her, sees her, holds her, and carries her. When she draws these images, she feels Jesus’s love for her.  She draws images of a lion relating to a child in the different ways that she wants God to relate to her. 
Be sure to check them out as they very powerfully illustrate the love of God for His children.

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