Season of Change

We are in a season of change.

This change we are in is not just a minor thing. It is of major proportions, both nationally and globally.

It does not matter how much you wish things would go back to "normal." God has a new normal for you to walk in.

My question to you is "are you ready?"

Ready for what?

Ready for the change.

Exciting things lie ahead but not all will be easy.

Ask yourself:...

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Proverbs 21:21-22

Proverbs 21:21-22 "The lovers of God who chase after righteousness will find all their dreams come true; an abundant life drenched with favor and a fountain that overflows with satisfaction. A warrior filled with wisdom ascends into the high place and releases regional breakthrough, bringing down the stronghold of the mighty."

I look at this scripture and it challenges me. 

  • Am I a lover...
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Hearts Without Walls Audio Recordings


The world is looking for a different type of Christian than the one they currently know. To be discounted worldwide and shut down as irrelevant is a tough but very real message to the church.

This 5-Day Master Class series wrestles with how the church got to where it is today, what is needed to change that. It also look at the identity shift that is needed to take the church where it needs to...

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Women who have a heartbeat for God that is laid down, in surrender and submission to the lover of her soul.

Women who have been on a journey where their heart has been refined as gold by the fire of adversity and come out the other side understanding that God had a bigger purpose in all of it.

Women who are not out to make a name for themselves but rather have the name of Jesus Christ...

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What If

What if a group of women came together and formed a tightly knit community of believers walking in covenantal relationship, helping to activate one another’s God given assignments? Would that interest you?

What if an army of women prepared to take out God’s enemies within their own circles of influence? Could you possibly see yourself as one of them?

If you desire for GOD to get ALL...

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