The Fear of the Lord


God wants to use you. You are not insignificant. How could you be if Christ’s blood were given as a ransom for your life.

He has a purpose and a plan for your life no matter how old or young you are, and now is the time to get ready. If you wait till the time comes, like the foolish virgins, you will have missed your opportunity to be prepared.

So, my question to you is, are you ready for...

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The Heartbeat of God



Are you a woman who has the heartbeat that is laid down in surrender to the Lover of your soul? 

Are you one who has been on a journey where your heart has been refined as gold by the fire of adversity and come out of it on the other side, understanding that you are more like Jesus because of it?

If that is you, come and gather with other women and together create a safe place where...

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It is Time to Rise Up and Take Back Our Nation

As Christians we are to be salt and light but salt unless it has contact, it has no impact.
So, my question to you is, would the government have labeled the church as a non essential during the time of this pandemic if we had been salt and light with impact?
I say no they would not have.
That means our salt and light has basically stayed within the four walls of the church...
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Have You Forgotten That You Matter?


A Mini Moment:

Your wants and needs are just as important as everybody else's. 

Know that if you minimize them, so will others. 

Yes, that is correct.

If you expect others to prioritize your needs, while you put you on the back burner, you will always end up being disappointed.

To the degree you honor yourself is the degree others will honor you.

So, take others off the hook and start...

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Tired of Drowning in a Sea of Debt?

Jeremiah 29:11 talks about having a future and a hope but what if all you see is bills, bills and more bills with not enough money to go around.

Been there; done that.

Living just above the line of ‘drowning’ in a sea of debt is humiliating and as a Christian, even worse.

Belittling oneself, feeling like a loser, asking yourself why you can’t get your act together...

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Love Deprived?


How full is your love tank?

One quarter?

Possibly half?

Maybe you are tanking and it is totally on empty?

Or if you are the exception to the rule, gleefully running on a full tank?

What am I talking about?

Well with all the rioting and looting going on right now it has got me thinking.

Matt 24:12 says “There will be such an increase of sin and lawlessness that those whose hearts once...

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The Broken Heart of Peter Pan


All of humanities "heart cry" is to be understood. That is just part of being human. 

But for some, whose heart was deeply broken in this area, they become like Peter Pan and that part of their heart never grows up, staying stuck in Never Never land.

The problem becomes that this broken heart becomes their belief system that all of life gets interpreted through, and for every year...

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Not Missing the Mark


I'm sure you know or at least can imagine that in archery, when an arrow is not pulled back all the way, it will fall short of the mark.

Same for you.

God has positioned you at the point of His KISS.

In archery this is where the hand has drawn the arrow back to the corner of the mouth.

A good archer knows to hold it at the KISS position before releasing. 

This allows it...

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The Greatest Goal In Life That I Accomplished



The greatest goal that I ever accomplished in my life was when I was able to overcome that which kept me living small.

Living small in my books was equated with living life safe and even though life was good, I found myself getting agitated and restless inside.

I am not alone in this. Living small tends to be the source of many people’s frustration because everyone has an awareness...

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What Is In Your Hands?



In times of crises, being laid off and losing your job is a horrible place to be but my question to you is “what have you got? “What are your current resources?”

Your first reaction might be to say “I don’t have anything.”

“I have just lost everything.”

“All my security and everything familiar is gone.”

Yet a thought or an idea...

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