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Season of Change

ecclesia hearts without walls self image series women of valor Dec 22, 2020

We are in a season of change.

This change we are in is not just a minor thing. It is of major proportions, both nationally and globally.

It does not matter how much you wish things would go back to "normal." God has a new normal for you to walk in.

My question to you is "are you ready?"

Ready for what?

Ready for the change.

Exciting things lie ahead but not all will be easy.

Ask yourself: have  you ever given up when the going gets tough? I know I have, especially when there has been no accountability.

Alone, it is so easy to cave under pressure, to feel fear, or lose the stability you once knew with the world spiraling out of control.

Connecting with like minded individuals who have a singular focus of making God famous, especially in these difficult times, is what really is needed to make it through with your sanity intact.  

If this is something that interests you, check out the information below through the link. It is for women who want to go higher, walk with others, and desire the fulness of Gods purposes and plans for their lives.

For ten months you will be challenged in a good way, coming out of it amazing, fearless, fun, relevant and with an increased passion for God.

Sign up today. Warrior Bride Boot Camp.


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