Have You Forgotten That You Matter?


A Mini Moment:

Your wants and needs are just as important as everybody else's. 

Know that if you minimize them, so will others. 

Yes, that is correct.

If you expect others to prioritize your needs, while you put you on the back burner, you will always end up being disappointed.

To the degree you honor yourself is the degree others will honor you.

So, take others off the hook and start giving yourself the message that you matter.

If you do not believe that is true, then no one will be able to convince you of anything else.  

Start today. Make the choice to believe, and then watch your relationships begin to flourish.

Every life matters.

Even yours.

If you are struggling to put yourself first, start by reinforcing that truth by making an investment into your life. Purchase today a coaching session plus one of my resources as listed below. 

Here is believing in you, now go and believe in yourself!

Coach Dorothy


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