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Let go of fear, shame, insecurity, people pleasing and boundary issues.

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Are you looking for a dynamic speaker that will make your next event a stunning success? Do you want entertaining and educational training that will leave your attendees raving long after the event? We've got you covered.

When you hire Dorothy for your conference, company, or church event, you don’t just get a bland, canned presentation. We customize every message specifically for your audience in order to achieve your desired outcomes. We get to know your organization, and your attendees, so that the message creates long-lasting results. Only material that is relevant to your audience is considered.

Dorothy’s straight-from-the-heart delivery, passion and energy, inspires audiences to go beyond their real and perceived limitations… and into step into their God-given potential. With charisma, warmth and humor, Dorothy Cook, delivers the right message for your unique audience.

As a premier Keynote Speaker and leading authority on Christian Women's Personal Development, Dorothy is a sought-after presenter who translates theory into bottom-line results for she clients. Rest assured, your people will love it. And they will be inspired to achieve more for themselves, your organization and your clients.

Her speaking schedule fills quickly, so we encourage you to contact Dorothy so a 15-minute call can be set up to determine if the fit is right for one other.

Sharpening Your Competitive Edge

In this dynamic training Dorothy Cook will motivate you to action and give you the competitive secrets of unstoppable champions.

You will learn innovative strategies for consistent performance and get proven strategies for unstoppable achievement, including:

  • 7 Ways to Increase Your Bottom-Line Results
  • The Vital Ingredients to Building Your Winning Team
  • How to “Read People” Accurately and Quickly
  • The Playbook for Outsmarting the Competition
  • Outperforming the Competition: How to Recognize Their Weaknesses and Surpass Their Strengths

I met Dorothy years ago. I was an angry mess of a teenager in desperate need of help. I’d been abused for years and moved away from home at 15. Dorothy was a God send in that time of my life. There is no doubt in my mind I wouldn’t be here without her wisdom and the guidance that she’d given me. Even though she hasn’t counseled me for over 16 years the tools she gave me still serve me to this day. Not only that, I’ve been able to heal to a place where the tools are being passed on to help others in their journeys. I really can’t recommend her services enough Connect with her and see for yourself. It’ll do you and the people around you a world of good.

Nik W


Nik W



Business is predicated on relationships, which are greatly influenced by the spiritual. Dorothy has been instrumental in a shift towards healthier client relationships and a corresponding increase in profitability and sales.

Clint S


Clint S


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Let go of fear, shame, insecurity, people pleasing and boundary issues.

TODAY is the day for Your NEW beginning.