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Dorothy Cook

Consultant, Trainer & Speaker

Dorothy is both an ordained minister and an entrepreneurial woman. Her passion is to empower Christian women so they can show up, be confident and impact their sphere of influence for God's higher purposes. She graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary in 1986 and became ordained in 2014 through Lighthouse To All Nations Church Regina Saskatchewan.

Dorothy worked in the marketplace her whole career as a family therapist, becoming self employed in 2006. In 2015 she expanded her credentials by becoming a certified John Maxwell coach, speaker and trainer.

Throughout Dorothy’s 33 plus years of employment she has frequently encountered issues that have stopped women from being their true authentic self,  both in their personal and professional life. Because of her expertise, Dorothy has been able to take complex issues and break them into easy, manageable steps, which she has been successfully doing for over a decade.

Dorothy’s coaching is characterized by a rich deposit of God’s wisdom and a breaker anointing. She walks in the demonstration of Kingdom authority and power. Her joy is to impart wisdom and hope, along with the tools women need  to live a life of confidence and authenticity. Dorothy currently resides in Kingston Ontario.

I met Dorothy years ago. I was an angry mess of a teenager in desperate need of help. I’d been abused for years and moved away from home at 15. Dorothy was a God send in that time of my life. There is no doubt in my mind I wouldn’t be here without her wisdom and the guidance that she’d given me. Even though she hasn’t counseled me for over 16 years the tools she gave me still serve me to this day. Not only that, I’ve been able to heal to a place where the tools are being passed on to help others in their journeys. I really can’t recommend her services enough Connect with her and see for yourself. It’ll do you and the people around you a world of good.

Nik W


Nik W



Business is predicated on relationships, which are greatly influenced by the spiritual. Dorothy has been instrumental in a shift towards healthier client relationships and a corresponding increase in profitability and sales.

Clint S


Clint S


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