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You Are Not The Problem

Jul 13, 2022

I am reposting this second brain hack addressing the wrestling match to “take every thought captive in obedience to Christ (2 Cor 10:5).

Have you ever judged yourself, called yourself not so nice names, and decided that you were the problem?

I want to encourage you to think a different thought because nine times out of ten the process is the problem and not you.

So, now knowing this ask yourself the question: “where does the real problem lie, you or the process?”

The reason why you want to ask yourself this question is because it will help interrupt the negative judgement you are making about yourself and allow you to think a more positive thought.

Whether your thoughts are negative or positive, every time you think a thought, your brain must do something with it. Think of it like an algorithm on the internet. Your brain will remember where you have been and every time it goes to a similar place, it will reinforce and bring up that same pathway again.

Eventually your brain will create a superhighway and you won’t even have to work at going there. It just will. Combine this repeating thought pattern with negatively charged emotions and very quickly the results will become instantaneous.

To interrupt and change the way your brain handles this, learn to quickly ask yourself the question: “where does the problem really lie? Is it a character flaw or is it a process issue?”

Know, unhealed feelings will cause you to judge yourself as being the problem but more often than not, it really is the process that will be at fault; not you.

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If you liked what you read, check back for brain hack #3 "Reparenting Your Brain" which focuses on how to get fear and anxiety under control.

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