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When You Feel Like a Loser

core beliefs destiny emotional mastery identity Jul 28, 2022

Have you ever felt like a loser?

I know I have and on more than one occasion.

I hate it because that is not who I am, and it is not the level of my abilities.

The same for you.

It is NOT who you are, no matter how deep the waters your emotions are submerged under.

My best advice to you is...

Do not buy into that lie. 

And it is a lie.

Because if you do, it will take you down as long as you let it take up space in your head.

There is so much more within you than what you feel in that horrible moment.

Yes, there will be seasons where you are down and seemingly defeated.

But remember it is only a season.

God promises to help you get back up and put you back in the game if you will let Him.            (2 Corinthians 4:9).

A lot depends on your choices.

It is a lot easier to stay in the pity party.

Ask me, I know.

It takes a lot more muscle to fight your way out of that downward spiral.

A part of this is because your brain has built up pathways that quickly take you into old thought patterns.

Make a choice to stop this.

You do this by interrupting them however you can.

Distract yourself.

But never, ever give up emotionally.

Go after what you know really were made to be or do.

It's that voice that won't let you settle for less.

With all that you've got, draw upon that faintest of breath and cry out one more time.

Declare the truth.


Read scripture outload.

Or even better yet, go help someone else and get the focus off you.

You will feel better when you do.

You were made for such a time as this.

God didn't make a mistake.

It is your season to shine.

You will not be defeated when you let go of the lie.

Just remember who you really are and if you don't know, take an adventure, and go find out.

To be encouraged, come, and hear about the battle Nellie had shifting from that which deemed her a loser to being mightily used of God.

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