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What the Heck is Going On?

brain hacks Sep 28, 2021

Brain Hack # 4: Taking back your mind.

You are normally a rational intelligent adult and seemingly stupid or little things reduce you to a reactive 3-year-old. What the heck? How can that be?

Well, the answer probably lies in your brain having put two things together that don't make rational sense. 

Canadian neuro psychologist Donald Hebb back in 1947 coined the phrase "neurons that fire together, wire together."

What this means is when you have a strong emotional reaction to something your brain can wire the emotion to the experience.

This in turn allows either side of the equation to trigger your emotional reaction and cause you to be momentarily out of control.

So, what can you do to decrease or even stop this from happening?

The first thing is to recognize what the actual trigger is because you cannot change what you do not recognize.

The clues you will be looking for will be found in repetitive patterns. A single event is not a pattern, twice might be, but three definitely is.

Water examples:

If you struggle to be around water of any kind, that is a pattern.

If you only have trouble being around lakes, that is a pattern.

Maybe you consistently struggle to put your head under water. That is a pattern.

It doesn't matter if the pattern looks or feels different, if there is a common theme within it, then see that as a clue.

To figure it out, let your emotions have a voice. Listen to what they are trying to say. Is it fear, anger, anxiety, shame, or maybe another emotion?

Make note of what you think it might be even if it doesn't initially make sense. By doing this, your brain will be more willing to give out information.

Once you have come up with some possibilities, or maybe even actual memories, this is where brain hack #4 comes in. It is a four part process.

1. Start with verbally coming out of agreement with the lie(s).

2. Then speak out the truth. Usually this is the opposite of what you were feeling.

3. After that let your brain know that because the past is not the present, you are "safe".

4. To reinforce the message to your brain that you are safe, picture yourself as safe and add some positive emotions to your image

Consistently work the above pattern and eventually the brain will let go of the old wiring system and rebuild a healthier, happier you.

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