What Is In Your Hands?



In times of crises, being laid off and losing your job is a horrible place to be but my question to you is “what have you got? “What are your current resources?”

Your first reaction might be to say “I don’t have anything.”

“I have just lost everything.”

“All my security and everything familiar is gone.”

Yet a thought or an idea might come to you. Don’t diminish it.

Blow on it and give it life.

Take it off the shelf; dust it off.

You may have initially devalued the idea and not seen it for what it really was.

That was what the women at the well did when talking to the prophet Elijah.

He asked her, and she said: "nothing."

But then she changed her mind and said I have an empty jar for oil, and that is when the miracle began.

Same for you.

Know that everyone has something that God can multiply but you first must give it to Him to bless.

Even you.

It is critical in these difficult times that you recognize that you hold in your hands something that has value and worth that God wants to use to help you not only get out of crises but to turn it in to "more than enough."

It doesn’t matter if it seems small and insignificant, or that you’ve never used it to create an income with.

The question is: do you have something, anything, that God can work with?

What is it?

I know for me it was my creativity and entrepreneurial bent.

What is it for you?

What has been on that shelf for years residing in the deepest places of your heart?

What was in your heart before life took a different twist and turn that caused it to be forgotten?

God has given you something.

He wants to multiply it.

Don’t diminish it, even if you can’t see how it can help you to get out of your current mess or financial crises.

Look for what is in your hand.

God is not a mean God withholding from you. So don’t withhold from Him.

You may have never gone this way before but you also won’t get there until you get on your feet and start walking.

Know that God can get you anywhere He wants to. The question is: “Will you go?” and “What is in your hands.

One act of obedience can make so much difference.

You may not know how to get started but that is OK; God does.

Just put something in His hand and then watch Him begin to multiply.

Know if you want a short cut, mentor and guide to help fast track you, I can help.

In fact keep your eyes peeled for some new, upcoming information that will soon become a One Stop Shop for you to be fully resourced with.

It will allow you to walk with confidence and teach you how to multiply that which is in your hands.

Your ability to create time and independence, replacing lost income, will manifest and multiply.                                                                     

So don’t be at the mercy of the economy.

Don’t feel trapped by your job.

Do what you love and love what you do.

We will be in touch with more information to be released in the near future.

Until then look at yourself and ask “What is in my hands that I can offer God to multiply with.”

Coach Dorothy




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