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What Comes First?

core beliefs identity self image series Nov 25, 2021

If you are not the kind that likes to focus on introspection or inner healing this blog is for you! 

Read on :-)

What comes first? The cart or the horse?

Usually it is the horse but believe it or not, sometimes it needs to be the cart.

As I was thinking about the process of helping people achieve their dreams, it occurred to me that people with a good level of self-esteem have the ability to walk this process out. Without it you can't.

One of the primary reasons is that those with healthy self-esteem believe in themselves. They also continue to work on issues that have the potential to hold them back. They want nothing to get in the way.

For me that is the horse that drives things. They pull the heavy weight so they can go and do what they want.

But what about those who struggle to believe in who they are, judge themselves harshly, or have low self-esteem? Have they the ability to walk out their dreams or to go introspective? 

My belief is very few do because it takes a moderate to high level of self-esteem to look in that direction

Put that thought on hold and let's go to another.

What about extraverts? They might have great self esteem but if you know anything about this personality type, they are well known to run from introspection of any kind. People are their thing and the inner healing stuff isn't even on their radar system.

So, for those that abhor introspection whether introvert or extrovert, what is the best way to go after your dreams and avoid doing any of the inner healing stuff ?

Is there a way?

Great question!

Believe it or not, YES! :-)

That is the cart. The carrier of the goods.

Let me explain.

There is a way to build up your self-confidence not by self-reflection but by changing the process that keeps you stuck.

Simply by learning to turn those frustrating long life habits around, you will feel better about yourself.

When you feel better about yourself it will then be easier to stop avoiding those things that are inadvertently controlling and shutting down your dreams and aspirations.

Have I got your interest yet?

If you are tired of beating yourself up, putting yourself down, staying stuck in a rut of apathy and/or brokenness, keep an eye out for more information to come in December.

What I am about to propose will not have an inner healing focus. It will focus on helping you change your process.

Recognize the issue is not you You are already "fearfully and wonderfully made" ( Psalm 139:14). It is how you learned to process things as a child that carried into adulthood that is the real problem.

What if who you currently know yourself to be is not the true you? What if it is just who you learned to be?

What if the process just needs upgrading; not your identity?

Know that you have way more to offer then you realize.

I guarantee, when you increase your ability to do something, it will positively affect how you see and feel about yourself. This in turn will allow your hopes and dreams to begin to surface.

So, if you are someone who has had the dimmer switch go down on your dream, feel really stuck and want to avoid introspection, keep your eyes open for more information, starting in just a few weeks time.

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