True Identity Blessing!


And God says to you…My beloved child, you are the apple of My eye. I delight in what I created you to be. You are not a disappointment to Me. How could I be disappointed when I was the one that created you? In My mind you are a magnificent piece of artwork that I took time to personally handcraft and design, and when I had finished and took a step back to admire you, I absolutely delighted in what I had put together. You were perfect. There was nothing that I wanted to change.

 So my child, I ask that you would let go of the lies that you believe about yourself and that others have told you through the hard journey of life. Know that when I look at you, I look at My original design and still take heavenly delight in what I personally created in you. I am able to look past all the garbage that has attached itself to you and still see that pearl of great price that I gave My Son up for. I have never ever regretted my decision. You were so worth dying for.

 So come and see yourself through my eyes and let the other go. It’s not worth keeping the lies. I have an assignment for you to complete and a special dress waiting for you to wear in exchange for that filthy rag you’ve been wearing up till now. This special dress is clean, sparkly and brilliant white. It’s yours just for the asking. Put it on now by faith. The price has already been paid. Come and receive it and be a part of the Heavenly Warrior Bride Brigade.

I love you my child!

In Jesus name, 


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