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Tired of Drowning in a Sea of Debt?

money matters Jul 12, 2020

Jeremiah 29:11 talks about having a future and a hope but what if all you see is bills, bills and more bills with not enough money to go around.

Been there; done that.

Living just above the line of ‘drowning’ in a sea of debt is humiliating and as a Christian, even worse.

Belittling oneself, feeling like a loser, asking yourself why you can’t get your act together doesn’t help anything.

Trust me I’ve been down that line of thinking as well.

Then when it goes on so long that it feels like eternity, you start questioning your faith, God’s credibility, and the truth about His word.

Ask me how I know.

That is also a part of my history.

It wasn't that I didn't have enough of God's word inside of me. For decades I had studied and stored scripture up in my heart.

I even had a masters degree in Theology.

So what changed?

1. I challenged my way of thinking; like really challenged it.

2. I also worked on changing the pathways in my brain keeping me stuck in a rut of poverty thinking.

What I discovered was not only had my brain undermined my efforts to get ahead financially, my childhood teachings around finances had also helped to take me down.

You see, it wasn't until I took a long hard look at my circumstances that I came to the conclusion that I was the common denominator.


Eventually what I came to understand was that my circumstances would keep slapping me in the face unless I changed my undermining belief systems, combined with the retraining my brain pathways.

Think of it this way. My thinking was like a train on a track. The train kept going down the same pathway until I learned to pull the switch and reroute it.

Not only that but until I learned to build a new set of tracks for my thinking to run on, my brain train just kept going down the same old set of railway tracks keeping me stuck financially.

As a solo entrepreneur I knew I wasn’t dumb and I knew I wasn’t lazy. In fact I worked harder and longer than most.

So by learning how to challenge my brain and reroute the pathway of thinking regarding my financial beliefs, I was able to gain back my hope and a future.

And so can you.

The truth is God is not a liar.

What your brain has been trained to believe, compliments of your family, friends and religious institution, has helped to form your dominant way of thinking.

This in turn formed certain pathways in your brain. Some of these were healthy, and some of them were not.

By learning to challenge your beliefs around money and changing the pathways in your brain, you will be able to start turning your financial circumstances around.

So is God really a liar? No.

Is God really for you? You bet He is!

Does God want you to prosper, having a future and a hope? He sure does, but first you have to step out of that old way of thinking that keeps unconsciously undermining you.

Secondly you need to learn how to build new brain train pathways.

And thirdly you need to embrace the truth of God's word that it really is OK for you to have more than enough. (More on that in the next blog.)

So if you are tired of being stuck in a rut with more month then money, and want to have the best potential to turn things around, click on this link and get started on my course called Wealth Creation: The Soul of the Matter.

Not only will you gain the tools to change those belief systems that have been tripping you up, you will also learn how to build new brain pathways.

It is by working both of these simultaneously that then, and only then, will the sky become the limit, allowing the truth of God’s word to shine brighter and brighter like the noon day sun.

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