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The Voice of Courage

emotional mastery journey to health transition Sep 02, 2022

"Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says, I'll try again tomorrow."

This little reminder sits where I can easily see it.

I use it to help me refocus in those harder moments when nothing seems to go right and I just need to walk away and try again tomorrow.

It is in those times of frustration that we all need to step back.

Give ourselves permission to find something positive to focus on.

And remind ourselves that it won't always be like this.

How will it change?

I don't know.

For me, I go to God because He knows.

And it is to Him that I pour out my heart.

Sometimes through tears.

Other times verbally.

Or even through journaling.

In those silent moments when nothing goes right and life feels permanently stuck, it is good to just take a step back, take a deep breath and focus on something that pulls you up, not down.

So, if you are having an off day or even an off moment, give yourself permission to try again tomorrow.

Listen to that voice of courage that says don't give up, just give yourself a break. Tomorrow is a new day.

That very quiet whisper will serve you well if you do.

Reality says, there are days we just need to give ourselves a break and bury our heads under a pillow.

This isn't a reflection on you.

It is how God wired us all.

But make the choice and determine not to live there.

Give yourself permission to press that reset button.

Tell yourself it won't always be like this.

Then give yourself the head space you need.

If you determine to do one little thing differently than before, there is a good chance something will change.

It may not be totally what you want but every little shift in the right direction helps to get you where you want to go.

So, go ahead and make sure to remind yourself that tomorrow doesn't have to be like today.

Because that really is the truth.

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