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The Taste of Grief!

emotional mastery transition Oct 02, 2022
I am excited to announce that this blog is the first of many that will be written by contributors who are able to express the thoughts of their heart in beautiful and impactful ways. 
Please help me to welcome, writer and artist, Hanna O'Brien!
She is a mother and wife who has tenaciously fought for God's best.
May you be blessed by what she share's.
"For many years I have felt the taste of grief on the edge of everything thing I’ve said, done or experienced. It has been the flavour behind every mood and often the cause behind many of my personal challenges. I don’t mean grief in its most traditional sense although that has been in the mix. I’m talking about the grief we go through when trauma strikes and the parts of us we loose to it. 
Yet grief can be one of the most powerful agents of change; when we choose to place Jesus ahead of it! It offers us an opportunity to experience tremendous growth. These hard times can truly help us carve out a path to happiness. The key is we must be active participants. It’s not enough to release it to Jesus we must sit with him in it be teachable, open and willing. It will not happen passively. If we do nothing, grief can easily destroy us completely.
So no matter what challenging situation we may be facing, whether it is mourning the loss of a loved one, a divorce, money problems, or the million other things life can throw at us, there is always an opportunity in there. Adversity in any form, can be a catalyst for good, and the more adverse the situation, the more opportunity for growth.
Storms don't last forever. The light of Jesus is brightest amidst the darkness and his light never fades!"
Should you desire to purchase a copy of Hanna's scripture/lighthouse sketch, please email [email protected] with that request.

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