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The Restoration of Hope

destiny emotional mastery hope spiritual transition Apr 28, 2023

I believe I can easily say that the last few years have been long and hard for everyone; myself included.

It feels like hopes and dreams have been put on the back shelf and possibly even forgotten.

Well, I'm here to tell you, it is time to find them,

Brush them off,

Blow away the dust,

And then speak life over them.

God has not forgotten,

And neither should you.

It doesn't matter about the craziness of this world.

You were created for such a time as this.

Otherwise you wouldn't even exist.

So together, as one, let's declare, knowing we are not alone:

"We call forth a restoration of HOPE, in Jesus almighty and precious name.

We call forth a resurrection of life and of vision.

We say, take your place. God has need of you.

We come out of agreement with the shackles and fetters that have kept us bound.

We come out of agreement with hope deferred that makes our heart sick.

The truth is...

Our hope is anchored in the throne and shed blood of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Amen and amen."


Go do something...


That will align and reinforce the words you just spoke.

And remember...

Look not with natural sight,

But with the eyes of faith.

God has you here for a reason and a season.

Just take the next ONE step towards activating your dream and begin again.

You were not just put here on earth to take up space.

Partner with God who has NEVER forgotten why He put YOU here.

 And if you need help figuring out what your purpose is, or what taking that one next step looks like, click on this link, and make the investment in yourself.

You have a reason,

And there is a season.

Now step into it,

And together let's catapult you towards your God life giving purpose.



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