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The Promise That Has Been Sown into Your Name

identity self image series women of valor Oct 29, 2021

As I heard the lyrics “the promise that has been sown into my name” for the first time, I found myself instantly hitting the replay button.

The words penetrated my mind like a shaft of light piercing the darkest place of my soul.

I felt a heavy fog being forced to lift like the dawning of a new day, overwhelming discouragement being pushed back, slowly dissipating.

I asked myself: What promise had God had sown into my name?

It was intriguing, causing me to wonder and search.

What arose deep from within was the revelation that His promise could not be taken from me. It was woven into the very essence of my being.

It spoke to me that circumstances could not steal my promise, even when I was unable to see it.

Continued pondering said lies could not hide my promise forever, because like a seed, it would germinate, even after lying dormant for what might have felt like a lifetime.

The truth was...there was a promise that God had sewn into me. Something that would never let go.

I had not created it.

I had not imagined it.

It was a promise that God had placed within the very DNA and fiber of my being.

Hope arose with a flood of memories washing across the screen of my mind.

I began to rejoice. Not only had God found a creative way to catch my attention but to also encourage me in a time of deep despair.

So, my prayer for you is that God would grant you the grace to find the promise that has been sown into your name, and not only to find it but to use it to touch the lives of others.

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