The Greatest Goal In Life That I Accomplished



The greatest goal that I ever accomplished in my life was when I was able to overcome that which kept me living small.

Living small in my books was equated with living life safe and even though life was good, I found myself getting agitated and restless inside.

I am not alone in this. Living small tends to be the source of many people’s frustration because everyone has an awareness there is way more to life.

Living safe says you choose to live within the confines of the familiar.

Your familiar circumstances may or may not be pleasant but it is predictable, and so rather than dealing with the unknown, there is a tendency to default to it.

Complacency is also a part of what keeps you stuck and living small.

Just like when the alarm clock goes off in the morning and you choose to lie there longer than you originally intended, you will find yourself rushing out of the house trying to catch up on lost time.

Life is like that, you keep thinking you have lots of time and then weeks, months and even years go by and you wonder where the time went, living a life full of regrets.

If you can personally relate to what I am saying, know that there were times insecurity and fear kept me stuck.

I was afraid to let go and let the fullness of my gifts and talents showcase me.

Frustrated I knew that I had way more potential but unconsciously something kept shutting me down.

I was like a turtle content to hide within the walls of my shell.

Years ago I had a wake up call which forced me to take a real hard look at my life.

I realized that which was keeping me stuck was not complacency but fear.

As a result I chose to make a simple decision to overcome fear and to live life BIG, not knowing exactly what it would look like.

This one decision dealt a deadly blow to both complacency and discontentment.

By making this kind of decision my brain shifted and allowed different pathways of thought to take place. The same for you.

It has been proven that you can actually trick your brain to believe a lie.

You do this all the time believing you don’t amount to much, when in reality you really are quite amazing.

How can you not be when God made you?

Sadly enough I had done this and for those that are still reading, most likely so have you.

And just like I decided to go after the truth that I had more to offer than what I originally believed, I want to encourage you to do the same thing.

If you don’t know where to begin, just begin with believing that there is more in you than you know and show up where there is a need, helping to make a situation better.

Use your “more” for the greater good, creating a win/win scenario.

What drives you to continue will be your passion and a sense of satisfaction that you are making a difference in this world.

The biggest thing is just to start, because as you do, you will break out of fear and complacency.

Know that it takes others to help you to achieve big dreams.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert or just a beginner, connecting with the right people who have gone ahead and paid the price is absolutely critical.

Make sure you find those that have the “bigger” vision and when setting out on a journey don’t seek advice from those who have never left home.

If in any way something that I have said in this blog has impacted you, don’t hit the snooze button but take action now.

If you don't know how, contact me TODAY Dorothy J Cook, Personal Development Coach, and let’s have fun unpacking the gem within!


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