The Broken Heart of Peter Pan


All of humanities "heart cry" is to be understood. That is just part of being human. 

But for some, whose heart was deeply broken in this area, they become like Peter Pan and that part of their heart never grows up, staying stuck in Never Never land.

The problem becomes that this broken heart becomes their belief system that all of life gets interpreted through, and for every year their painful reality stays in place, it becomes more toxic.

This in turn causes and compounds relational problems because unknowingly, the emotional wound of the Peter Pan heart turns people off.

It can’t grow up and the other person becomes the problem. It is never them.

As this painful trauma loop self perpetuates, they will literally get what they believe. If they believe they won’t be understood, then guess what…they won’t.

Doesn’t matter how hard the other person tries, the reality of the Peter Pan heart right or wrong, will become the filter they will interpret life and relationships through.

This negative broken filter system then will unconsciously drive certain behaviors.  

For some they overdo it, constantly trying to get others to understand them.

For others they will do the opposite and under function, moving into “why bother, it won’t work anyways” mode. 

Know that the blaming of others will never help to change your reality or your identity. Taking ownership, changing the pattern of your faulty negative trauma loop and seeing yourself through the truth of God’s eyes will.

So if that is what you want, start with challenging your current belief systems, no matter what they are, and then move on from there because if you don’t, right or wrong, your belief system will dictate your reality.

If you are ready to change and want support contact me for some one on one, or step into my 21-Day Detox Program at the end of the month. I can be contact via [email protected]/contact.

And as one who has taken her heart off of Never Never Land and moved on, know I would love to hear from you and also support your journey off the Island.



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