The Body Soul Connection


I use to be a “stuffer” disconnected from my deep seated emotions. Initially how I was dealing with them appeared to work. I was this lovely calm woman that was able to emotionally handle everything that came my way.

The ineffectiveness of how I was dealing with my emotions only surfaced when my body went into a major health crisis about thirty years later, resulting in long term consequences.

In order to regain my health I had to deal with the dietary and spiritual issues along with the emotional. It was here that I learned how interrelated my emotional health was to the rest of my body.

One of the first books I read on this, that I highly recommend, is by Henry Wright called “A More Excellent Way.” It describes the interconnectedness of the body physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Just like I had to deal with all levels of health and not just the physical in order to get well, I saw that for many of my clients as well.

Take for example my client who had over eleven years of debilitating deteriorating health. When she just dealt with the physical at a medical level, she did not get well. When she added the psychological and psychiatric, she still did not get her health back; in fact she continued to deteriorate. It was only when she dealt with the emotional, spiritual and physical all at the same time that she was able to regain her health and fully live life again.

So, if you are tired of being sick and tired and the other hasn’t worked for you, book a FREE Coaching Session and let’s get you effectively dealing with your emotions. The sooner you start, the sooner the potential for feeling better! Book Now.


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