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Straight Paths Make For Dull Stories

brain hacks destiny emotional mastery hope journey to health pain Apr 22, 2023

A great story has many twists and turns.

It's the same with our lives.

Often in the moment we regret the horrible, difficult times, but when we look back (depending on the outlook that was chosen) it will either have crushed us causing us to live in a sea of regret, or it will have turned into something beautiful (despite being written in the midst of tragedy and pain).

Take Haiti for example: I remember years ago when a devastating earthquake hit the island full force.

Almost all the news networks were focused on the death and destruction this earthquake had caused. 


There was one news outlet that CHOSE to have a different focus and they tenaciously looked for the stories of courage, community and the miraculous. 

And because they were looking for these positive stories, they also found them.

What happened next spoke louder than words.

Without even trying, this one news outlet's popularity rose sharply while the other news stations ratings rapidly decreased.


Because people needed to find hope in the midst of tragedy and hopelessness.

They wanted to see courage in action where despair and destruction had been their focus only moments before.

It became a place of inspiration in the midst of devastation.

And the same is true for all of us whether the disaster has taken place personally, within our own family or community.

Facts show that if we only focus on the overwhelming circumstances and loss...

Confusion and despair will quickly set in.

It will feel like our life is being sucked out faster than we can breathe it in.

It doesn't matter if it is past tense, current, or future.

What you look for you will find, whether positive or negative.

It also does not matter if it comes in the form of something external or if it is an internal element such as your outlook or attitude.

You get to choose.

Be aware that this choice is not always an easy one because your brain is hardwired towards what is called a "negative bias," where it registers negative events more deeply than joy or peace.

Some researchers say that a negative response can impact you almost 3x stronger than a compliment which gives you positive emotions.

So, know that you get to help decide if the story of your life will become a tale of tragedy or one of inspiration to others.

Because of that...

You want to make a choice to override the initial negative responses. 

Dig deep within...

And find something...


That can bring you both courage and hope.



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