Storms and Sleeping, What Gives?


There is a passage of scripture that states "Jesus slept in the boat." You can find it in Matt. 8:24.

Whenever I look at that scripture, I think about my experiences in rocky storm tossed waters and sleeping in a boat during a major storm just doesn't compute!

Then I look at the Corona virus storm that is circling the globe currently, creating  hording, panic and a lot of out right stupidity, selfishness and crises.

And it makes me think again that God isn't falling off of His throne because of what is currently happening with this global storm.

So if God isn't panicking then should we? 

Let me encourage you to press the pause button, ride out the storm and then when it is over, continue on with life as usual.

Storms come and go, and yes this is bigger in proportion than most, but it too will end.

Instead of looking at the storm I want to encourage you to look at ways that you can bless others during this crazy time and take your focus off of yourself and especially the TV.

Offer someone a moment of gratitude, encouragement or inspiration. 

Say a prayer for them and/or with them.

Bring your peace and joy with you where ever you go, and choose to walk in the opposite spirit from fear.

Optimize your down time by staying away from "TV" and the trauma it amplifies. Instead check out God's word and what He is saying and declare out loud His perspective.

Do some self reflecting. This is a great time with what the current global crises is surfacing to get things right with yourself, others and even with God.

A great resource that I want to offer you to help with the self reflecting is a copy of my eBook "Effectively Eliminate Emotional Pain."

If you want it for free just email me at [email protected] and request a copy. I'll be happy to email a one to you.

So my wisdom for the day is "don't get caught up in the panic of the storm."

The storm is real but there is total peace to be found in the eye of the storm. You will find that by:

Drawing closer to God.

Cleaning up relational garbage.

And keeping a clean slate relationally and spiritually.

Be encouraged knowing that you also can sleep well during the storm and it doesn't have to rock your boat.

Take care and God bless!








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