10 Ways to Self Nurture: Sanity Saver


Self care is critical to my emotional well being. I learned this the hard way many decades ago, as crash and burn wasn’t fun to recover from.

I had to realize that self care wasn’t being selfish. It was my sanity saver.

The same for me today. As one who pours out regularly to many, keeping my emotional tank filled is critical, especially if I want to be able to have something to give.

If nothing goes in, nothing can come out.

The same with you.

If you want to keep being a giver or need to due to circumstances, give yourself permission to self nurture, even for 5 min a day or more if you can.

Pull from one of my ten favorite ways if you don't have your own. It is critical that you self nurture and fill up your emotional gas tank.

Think of it this way...if you don't who will? Probably no one because of the message you are putting out.

Know your actions speak louder than your words.

These are listed in no particular order:

  1. Zoning out at a coffee shop/restaurant with head phones on, listening to my music of choice while reading a good book.
  2. Chatting with a good friend sharing hearts and prayers with one another.
  3. An outdoor getaway whether it is just a few moments in time or a weekend away.
  4. Loving and being loved unconditionally by a cat or dog.
  5. Taking pictures of nature that inspire me to see life through a different set of lenses.
  6. Sipping a good cup of tea in a charming mug with sunshine streaming on my face, or watching a magnificent sunrise/sunset.
  7. Sitting in front of a fireplace, real logs preferable, with classical or worship music beautifully filling out the atmosphere.
  8. Walking slowly around an abortorium or green house, delighting in the amazing intricacies of the various shrubs and flowers.
  9. Zoning out in front of a colorful jigsaw puzzle that is medium difficulty and between 500-1,000 pieces.
  10. Finding ways to have a good laugh and sharing it with another.

So know I believe in you to make healthier choices. It might be because your emotional health hangs in the balance, or you are just ready to make a change and desire to honor yourself more.

Whatever the reason, I honor you for finding the courage to make the change.

If you are not quite ready to shift, feel stuck or need extra support, contact me and let’s get you to a healthier place. Your sanity just might depend on it.


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