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Out of Options

hope journey to health transition Jan 27, 2023

I remember two times in my life when it became a do or die situation.

They both started out in fun but the potential to become fatal rose up extremely fast. I had only moments to react if I didn't want to end up with a dead and mangled body.

In those terrifying moments, I tapped into a fight for life that I had never had before, and hopefully will never have to again.

Then there was another time when it wasn't life threatening, and I lived to tell the story, but the ramifications were catastrophic and totally devastating.

The health crisis that put me into a tailspin would span over ten years with the loss of everything that was familiar, including my residence, my job, and my savings.

In this scenario I wasn't dying, but I wasn't able to live either. 

Here again it felt like I was out of options.

My body had betrayed me.

I was bedridden and couldn't work.

My exhaustion levels were never ending and I felt terribly betrayed by God.

What to do?

Had I given in to my body and the despair, who knows how many years it would have taken to recover but with the little strength I had, I shifted into the world of alternative health solutions and sought out answers that the regular medical system wasn't able to give me in my time of crises.

That one decision gave me OPTIONS, SOLUTIONS, as well as my HOPE back.

It still was a ten year process to fully recover but what I learned back then is what I offer you today.

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My co-speaker and I both desire for you to walk away with HOPE in your heart and alternative options to consider.

You will hear two very different stories as well as solutions that will both inspire you, as well as compel you to start becoming a healthier version of you NOW, and not wait till a crisis compels you to look for answers..

Know you won't leave disappointed, and whether for yourself or someone else, you will have a resource list to fall back on, should you ever need it.


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