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Offering a Helping Hand

communication May 05, 2022

So what's up?

How come I can't get my act together?

I'm gifted.


Confident in many ways.

Willing to take risks so I don't stay stuck.

I ask myself, why I'm I going around this rabbit hole again?

That was me just this past week. Frustrated and digging myself out yet once again.

Having run pretty independent all my life, what I found touched my heart the most was when community came around, loved on me and lent me some practical support.

This practical help, along with prayer meant a lot.

But even though the prayer was good and very needed, the act of love in tangible ways was what spoke the loudest and displayed the heart of Jesus at His best.

It met my need in a moment of desperation and despair.

I no longer felt alone in the midst of my pain.

So, my advice to you is, if you know of anyone that is having a frustrating day or even a horrible moment, offer not only your prayer but something tangible and practical in the way of helps. 

Do it even when they don't deserve it because the impact will be bigger and like it did for me, it will speak to their heart, letting them know they are worthy of God's unconditional gift of love and acceptance.

Actions speak louder than words, so go and be the hands and feet of Jesus and not just His mouthpiece. 

Isn't that what family is suppose to be all about?









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