Not Missing the Mark


I'm sure you know or at least can imagine that in archery, when an arrow is not pulled back all the way, it will fall short of the mark.

Same for you.

God has positioned you at the point of His KISS.

In archery this is where the hand has drawn the arrow back to the corner of the mouth.

A good archer knows to hold it at the KISS position before releasing. 

This allows it to be positioned correctly and the fullness of the impact to take place.

God does the same thing, only we are the arrows He is purposing to hit the mark with.

His KISS creates...

a holding pattern which becomes a point of tension.

It brings about a momentary place of un-resolve.

Until we as that arrow get released, it is going no where and some times that season feels like a lifetime.

This is where we can choose to cooperate with God and create an Isaac or because we are uncomfortable with the Selah (pause), we can fall short of the mark and get an Ishmael. 

God purpose is to hold us in that KISS position because He is doing many things that we don't understand.

This is the season we often whine and complain about how hard it is, but the truth is, that is where our muscle is built up.

That is also the season God is fashioning us into the warriors that He created us to be.

So if you want to carry the full authority of God and hit the bullseye, let God bring about the resolve when it is time to release you.

One of the ways you can cooperate with God is to deal with your God issues; and we all have them.

Disappointment, hurt, feelings of betrayal or abandonment with God take place because "if He is such a good God," our hearts cry out "why did you let that stuff happen to me?"

It is this kind of issue that the 21 Day Get Unstuck Detox program being release May 31 will address, because how can you fully trust a God who let you get hurt?

You can't unless you can get your heart and your head to align with some tough issues.

I had to wrestle with mine and I have helped countless others to come out on the other side of their wrestling.

My desire is to walk in the fullness of why I have been put here on earth. I still after years of doing deep dives am still working on the fine tuning and getting those little things out of the way as well.

So don't forget the promise that God gave you years or even centuries ago just because you have been on the shelf for so long or life has clouded your vision; because He hasn't.

God has just been waiting for the fullness of time to come about when everything is aligned perfectly; nothing missing, nothing lost.

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Together let's hit the mark.

Take care and God bless,



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