Love Deprived?


How full is your love tank?

One quarter?

Possibly half?

Maybe you are tanking and it is totally on empty?

Or if you are the exception to the rule, gleefully running on a full tank?

What am I talking about?

Well with all the rioting and looting going on right now it has got me thinking.

Matt 24:12 says “There will be such an increase of sin and lawlessness that those whose hearts once burned with passion for God and others will grow cold.”

How does love for God and others grow cold?

Definitely fear being stronger than the passion and the love for God would factor in.

Confusion and/or judgments about why such a BIG and “loving” God would allow such destruction could be another.

Maybe having a shallow root system just being a Sunday Christian.

Or what about living for Christ when it is convenient?

Maybe a crisis is what drives you towards God?

I believe that the bottom line for growing cold is because our love tank for God isn’t deep enough to withstand that kind of testing or persecution.

Sheer determination to love God won’t cut it under pressure.

Pressure only brings out the truth that is buried deep inside and unfortunately it often doesn’t appear very good.

Look at the panic and hording that took place at the beginning of the Covid19 scenario. It was over the top ridiculous.

God knows the truth about our ability to withstand under pressure and even the original twelve disciples caved when push came to shove and the mob showed up to arrest Jesus.

So if the twelve disciples who intimately walked and talked with Jesus for three years allowed fear and terror to overwhelm them, what will we do?

 I suspect not very well, unless…

We give Christ permission to clean house so greater revelation of who He is and HIS love can overwhelm and TOTALLY transform us; removing the fear factor.

This is what we see regarding the disciples before and after picture.

Once the transformational love of Christ impacted the disciples post resurrection, they were never the same; and that is what I want.

I want to be able to hear “well done, good and faithful servant” by the time I stand before the one I love in heaven.

I want to be able to withstand fear and terror all around me, even facing death, because of being so full of Christ that I walk like a post resurrection disciple.

Am I there yet? No.

But God knows what is on my heart and I believe He will honor that prayer and get me there.

So if that is your desire also and you want a practical, effective tool to clean things up, sign up for my 21-Day Detox self directed program; it is not too late.

This course is a place where you learn how to love yourself more, and take others off the hook for filling up your love tank; just you and Jesus.

It is a course where you get to sit at the feet of Jesus and let Him talk with you about the barriers that stop the two of you from being fully intimate; letting go of shame and embarrassment.

In this twenty one day course you will be given a unique set of tools to change how you feel about yourself by changing the pathways in your brain.

These tools can then be easily carried forward once the course is over because it is a process that doesn’t happen overnight.

It took years to build up the lies you live your life on, and it will take NOT as long as you think to take them down, if and when you re-route your brains negative pathways.

Being able to withstand under pressure starts with you learning to love yourself first, and not looking to others to fill this void.

This deep revelation then will allow you to love one another as God first loved you, John 12:34.

So click on this link 21-Day Detox and partner with God to remove the barriers that would cause your heart to grow cold and indifferent.

It is never too late to get started and now is the time while the 21-day detox course is still up and running.

Because truth be known; He wants you to be able to withstand under pressure, even extreme pressure, like the persecuted church.

The choice is yours.


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