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brain hacks emotional mastery weight loss May 16, 2022

My light bulb moments came at two different points in my life in my battle to keep weight off. Both had taken place within the last six months when I was weighing my heaviest. God had my attention.

The first aha moment was when I was reading a book that I was just curious as to how the author was able to get a 92% success rate when everyone else was closer to 24%. It hit me clearly in the face and showed me solid scientific evidence that it wasn't all in my head the kind of effect sugar was having on me.

The second revelation came more recently and not only gave me understanding as to why over my lifetime I kept putting on weight but how I could stop the yo-yo, up and down struggle.

I was elated and finally saw the keys that would help my body have a chance to keep off the weight. I dived in immediately and began to apply what I had discovered.

What I loved was that my weight issue didn't have anything to do with being genetically predisposed. Neither was it an issue of having an underactive thyroid or my hormones being out of whack.

The real problem was that the "on" switch, which had been flipped on within my body, had never shut off, it was constantly in the "on" position.  To use this analogy, my "fat building program" was like being in a house where the lights were always on, always working, and never turned off,

Because of the way my hormones were communicating inside my body, it literally was impossible for me to lose weight

What a relief to finally have some answers that made sense!

I was now aware that my efforts to lose weight hadn't failed because that "on" switch had been locked into the "on" position. My body was only doing what it had been programed to do, especially under the past two stressful years.

Armed with this revelation, guilt and frustration began to fall off of me and hope started showing up on the horizon.

But it didn't stop there. The best part was that I found out how to switch off the "on" switch and it had to do with getting out of survival mode and convincing my brain that being thin was a good thing.

With my body just trying to survive, it was doing what God had naturally designed it to do. The problem was that my body was interpreting stress as being in danger, when in reality I was totally safe.

So, if you can relate to anything that I have shared and are struggling to keep weight off, please come walk with me on this journey and find out how to let go of the frustration of not being able to lose weight and keep it off, plus also how to flip that "on" switch to off...forever!

The webinar cost is $10 because I want people who are willing to show up and make the investment. This investment will say you are serious about wanting to apply the keys so they can begin to work for you. 

The one hour Zoom webinar is being held Wednesday, May 25, 7 pm EST.

Come join.

Make the investment.

And let go of the past, walking into a new day with dignity and some new tools that are both easy and effective to use.



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