Jail Break Time!


If you are not going full steam ahead, what is stopping you from doing so? In this blog I talk about my process but I only do this to give you some ideas as to what might be hindering you.

For many decades I use to be stopped from going forward by my inability to receive help. I was taught not to take gifts “handouts” from others, but only to be the one extending a helping hand. I have since learned that this was not healthy and thankfully I no longer operate out of that one way system; freely I give and freely I receive.

Unbeknownst to me at that time, these one way relationships were a protection mechanism. I didn’t have to be vulnerable. Yes my heart was safe but I had to pay a high price exchanging safety for loneliness and living life small.

The “familiar” was safe. I knew what to expect and I controlled my world. But the reality was, I didn’t control my world, it controlled me. I was confined to the “familiar” and was enslaved by it. My creativeness and other abilities were minimized by me, and then consequently by others. I was content to be average and not stand out.

Over time and with professional help, I was able to turn this around and now live the life I want to live!

What about you? What is stopping you from living life to the fullest and going after your dreams? What are the issues making you play it safe? Even if you don’t know or maybe you do; by doing nothing you are still making a choice to play it small and stay stuck.

My next question is, how long will you continue to down this old pathway of thinking? This is is in your control. You can stay imprisoned for as long as you like or you can begin to unpack what is really going on in your heart.

So the choice is yours. Just know that if you are a “Joseph,” someone with dreams and aspirations, even the original Joseph needed help to get out of prison. I know I did. And if you don’t know where to go and have related to what I have said; try me, I’m a great starting place.  But just do something!

Starting isn’t about a marriage. Starting is about getting your feet on the ground and getting unstuck. There will be many people along your journey that will be needed, but today start with the one in front of you, which is me, and when you are ready to move on, then go.

So for those that are ready to get out of your self imposed jail, give yourself a very precious, valuable gift that will benefit you for a lifetime and change the course of your history. Shoot me off an email www.dorothyjcook.com/contact or click on this link Schedule Appointment and set up an appointment.  Together let’s find the key to unlock the door of your heart, your dreams and your future.


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