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It Is Never Too Late

core beliefs god thoughts identity Jul 21, 2022

I don't care how badly you have messed up.

Given up.

Or feel like you are disqualified to walk out your God given purpose.

God has never and will never give up on YOU!

Stop disqualifying yourself with excuses that are simply the devil whispering in your ear.

Know the devil is totally scared of God's declaration over you that "it's time!" "I have need of them" and then starts to put the wheels in motion bringing about the FULFILLMENT of why you were put here on this earth. 

For some it might be a fast recovery like Joseph.

For others it may be extremely slow, more like Jacob.

Know the greater the mess or delay, the more God loves to display His greater glory through it.

Let me illustrate my point.

Lazarus had nothing to do with being raised from the dead.

He didn't pray.


Or declare.

He was dead.

Stone cold dead.

Four days in the grave.

Wrapped in grave cloths.

Never to move again.

BUT God said 'I have need of him' and so a miracle occurred. The kind that had never been seen before.

Lazarus being raised from the dead definitely kicked the devil in the behind side many times over when he resurfaced alive.

Literally, he became the talk of the town and because of that, many put their trust in Jesus. (John 11:1-45).

What about Jesus? Let's look at Him next.

It was questioned of Jesus as to "whether or not anything good could come out of Nazareth" (John 1:46) and look at what God did.

He took a supposed nobody who was labelled illegitimate from conception, was raised in a part of the country that did not have a stellar reputation and then God used Him to change the world, for a lifetime I might add.

It was an absolute stunning victory.

The devil never had a chance.

God definitely got the last laugh on that one!

What about Mary of Bethany?

She at least had the guts to follow her heart.

Even when it looked foolish to those around her.

Her act of selfless love was openly mocked by those who should have known better.

The disciples focused on the monetary. Jesus only had eyes for the lavish display of a heart poured out onto the Son of God.

Knowing what she was walking into could have shut her down before she even began.

But she chose to go against the popular opinion of the day, follow her heart and pour out her life savings in the form of an anointing perfume over the feet of Jesus.

Jesus was deeply touched, declaring her act of devotion to Him as one that would be remembered forever. (Matthew 26:13.)

The devil must have choked on that one.

She had no status.

She was just a woman, living in the shadow of men.

And God said YES! Just the one I want because her heart is so for me and won't care what others think.

So, for you that feel dead inside.

Have been told (or you tell yourself) that you're no good.

You live a life of drudgery day in and day out.

You discount yourself or have others do it for you

Know that God still has plans for you.

He doesn't care what others think.

Your simple act of love towards Him will be forever remembered in heaven.

Maybe your grave cloths need to be unwrapped from your lifeless life so you can live to tell the world about Jesus.

Whatever it is...



Ask God to use you inspite of yourself, your circumstances, or where the devil might have you currently positioned, or even pinned down.

Just like my guest speaker Nellie O'Hara in the next upcoming FREE Zoom webinar, she was living a lifestyle of destruction and rebellion, but God did not give up on her.

In fact, He pursued her, despite the religious system rejecting her in one of her lowest moments, telling her to literally get out of their church. 

Just like it was for Nellie, so God's heart is for you.

Don't give up on yourself because God hasn't. 

Just give Him permission to help you walk out your GOD GIVEN DESTINY.

Then trust God for the rest.

It doesn't matter what your feeling.

Nor your circumstances.

Doesn't matter if you were taken out for a season.

God is way bigger.

Just cooperate to the best of your ability, even if it is a silent cry in your heart because you have nothing left to give Him.

Do it through your tears and disbelief if you have to.

But the truth is...

God still has a purpose and a plan for your life.

He is a specialist in turning the tables on the devil and rubbing the devils face in the dirt with the same stuff that that the devil tried to bring you down with.

It is time for you to let hope arise again.

NOT your own hope. 


God's hope is something that quietly rises from deep within, that despite circumstances or lies, it causes you to somehow cry out to Jesus because you know that there has got to be more to life than where you are currently at.

It is a longing within you to fulfill your destiny, even after the timeline in your mind has long passed.

If any of the above has spoken to you, make sure to join our FREE webinar August 18/22.

Nellie will be sharing more of her story, and it is one of TOTAL redemption from a faithful God who never gave up pursuing the one He loved.

Know God isn't done with you yet either.

For those that join us, you will walk away with both encouragement and hope.

Now who doesn't need that :)

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