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How Well Do You Know Yourself?

core beliefs identity self image series Nov 11, 2021

Have you ever scratched your head and wondered why you just did what you did?

I know I have.

There are times it has felt like a train racing down the track that controls me and other times like a gently flowing river that I can easily put in its place.

What about adventure? I remember the time in my early twenties that I considered hang gliding off an Australian cliff with the ocean waves crashing far below? Even though I chickened out at the last minute, doesn’t everyone have the desire to be adventurous?

Then there is my desire to contribute something significant to society? It is such a part of me that that I am sure it is written into every strand of my DNA. Don’t you feel that way???

Well, the answer to that question and the others is no, because your core needs are different than mine.

What are those core needs? 

Universally there are six of them.

  1. Love & Connection involves the desire for togetherness, passion, and unity.
  2. Certainty likes comfort, safety, and predictability.
  3. Significance goes after achievement, importance, and competition.
  4. Uncertainty thrives on suspense, change and the element of surprise.
  5. Growth loves to constantly learn, work on personal development, and grow in faith.
  6. Contribution gives to others and looks beyond oneself with no expectation of personal gain.

Every one of these needs can be satisfied both in a positive or negative ways.

The question is… are you aware of what drives you?

The more you can be consciously aware of your core beliefs, the greater your ability to walk in fulfillment, avoid dysfunctional patterns and live a life you are happier with.

Whichever one it is, know that these six categories are behind all the good or evil that everyone on this earth engages in.

The core needs start being developed in childhood and the information you take in creates your core beliefs and value system that you walk out as an adult; both positive or negative.

Everyone ranks them differently based on how their needs were met. For example: if you grew up in a world of uncertainty than the need for stability could be far greater as an adult. This may cause you to have a need for job security or the need to control others. It could also drive you to stay in the familiar world of instability, causing you to be attracted to extreme sports or abusive relationships.

However you react is not a right or wrong, it is just based on how your core needs developed.

Abraham Maslow states, “You will either step forward into growth, or you will step backward into safety.”

Which are you? If you answered “safety” do not pronounce judgment on yourself. Just recognize that your core belief or need for “certainty” just caused you to make a decision that was driven, often unconsciously, by a core need that cried out to be fulfilled.

A fun way to find out which of the six human needs is underlying your every choice, belief, and decision you make, is to take this FREE QUIZ. It only takes about ten minutes to complete. When you do it don’t overthink and go with the first thing that enters your mind.

If you want to see how well you know yourself, BEFORE you take the test, write down what you think your core needs are ranking the strongest first to the weakest last and then compare them to the results that will be emailed directly to you.

Once you have completed it, use this information to live intentionally by incorporating these elements and living a life of greater fulfillment.

If you need further help in unpacking your core needs so they no longer drive you, cause you to be stuck or create imbalance in your life, set up a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss how best to course correct these imbalances and get the life you not only desire, but deserve.


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