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Hidden Women of Valor

women of valor Jan 01, 2020

I found myself weeping as I listened to an incredible teaching by Norma Savaris regarding the “Hidden Women of Valor.” This was not only because I was convicted that I had minimized who I was in God’s eyes but because God was clearly speaking, redefining my identity to that as one who was a woman of valor. (To listen to her teaching go to before Jan 5/20 it will be taken off of the free replays.)

For me, had someone asked, I would have said someone with valor was a person who had done great exploits, and since in my mind I hadn’t done anything like that, I would not have labeled myself as such. When I looked up the online definition of VALOR it agreed with me defining valor as “great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle.”

Had I asked others how they saw me I’m sure they would have said something along the lines of “responsible,” “faithful,” “courageous,” “ethical,” “gutsy,” and “one who passionately follows hard after God,” but not valor, because of how it is normally defined.

Norma said otherwise. She flipped me upside down emotionally and redefined the truth that God not only convicted my heart with, but I want to share with you. Thanks to Norma, I now consider myself as a woman of valor based on the following; I hope you do too.

Women of Valor are often hidden, faithfully going about their daily affairs, just doing what is in front of them to do. They don’t think much of it. They are dependable and have the courage to persevere when no one is looking. A biblical example of this is Rebecca’s nurse, who isn’t even given a name but is defined by her role (Gen 24:59.)

Upon the death of this nurse, she is highly honored by those whom she faithfully served and a tree called “weeping” is memorialized in her name. It took courage for this nurse to give up all, having left family and friends; never returning to her place of birth. But God knew her name and in His eyes, she definitely was a woman of valor.

Some others who would be considered women of valor are those that function as midwives. They know when it is time to give birth to their own dreams and desires, as well as help others with theirs. They push past their fears and tears and with great courage, face the battles needed to accomplish that which is set before them. But when their job is done, it is done, and they move on to support the next season, purpose or person in their life. Exodus 1:15-21.

Then there are those who come from the unexpected places and stand for life when the laws of the land say otherwise. They don’t know God but are moved with compassion and because of that, are willing to defy even their own father who holds the power of life and death in his hands. Exodus 2: 6-10.

There are those women of valor that have a timely word in the right season. It may not be an easy word to give, but you are willing to wait and stay hidden. When you are called to release the word, you do it with great boldness and accuracy with all of heaven backing it up. 2 Kings 22:14-20.

Then there are the ones who have been pushed aside by society and defined as shameful, unclean and undesirable. Life has played a cruel joke and nothing, absolutely nothing has been able to help heal your deep level of brokenness. For those of you who reach out to Jesus, declaring the goodness of God in the midst of those who have judged and condemned you, know that God sees you as a woman of valor. Luke 8:40-48.

So as you begin to walk out this new decade called 2020, I hope and pray that you will align your identity as one who has valor, simply because you are courageously facing life, helping others, walking out compassion when it isn’t favorable and even reaching for Jesus as your life line in the midst of horrible shame and condemnation.

For those that want or need help in shifting into their true God given identity as a “women of valor” contact me @prosperwithdorothy either through Face book or Instagram and let’s journey towards removing your old identity so you can shift into 2020 with the new and true.

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