Growing Up In A Chicken Coop

Stop walking around like an apology. See yourself as God sees you. Drop the old image that you are totally worthless and will never make it; that life is too hard and you will never break out of the rut.

God is showing me a super hero outfit underneath your ordinary garb. You are a mighty warrior! See yourself as one. Come into agreement with God’s truth.  Let go of your current image and upgrade it; and when you do, you will bust out from underneath that which has been holding you back.

The power of the lies can only hold you back because you have come into agreement with them. So by the words of your mouth, out loud, start edifying yourself speaking great things, going beyond what you would normally say, and know that even then you won’t be close to who you really truly are.

You are not a disappointment to God. He actually is well pleased with you. So the choice is yours. Choose this day life and start to fly like that super hero eagle!

You may have grown up in a chicken coop environment but you have been birthed to fly like an eagle. Shout down your emotions that want to take you lower and lower and let the eagle have the louder voice, saying "I WILL NO LONGER TOLERATE THOSE LIES!!!"

As one who has flown the chicken coop and is now soaring, lets connect and get you into the right attitude and altitudes you were always designed to live in.



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