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God Who Am I?

god thoughts identity transition Jul 19, 2022

How you see yourself and how God sees you are often two different pictures.

Based on circumstances and/or self-esteem issues, you will either see yourself in a positive or negative light.

God on the other hand, never loses sight of His original creation and design for you.

So, how do you get from your current perspective to understanding His?

Great question!

Glad you asked :)

God often reveal's your true identity in the midst of adversity.

He just uses everything else to prepare you for what's up ahead.


I know!

I don't like it either.

But when I look at the various characters in the Bible, God used their circumstances to prepare each and every one of them for the purposes in which He created them for.

Let's look at a few:

Joseph was misunderstood, betrayed by his siblings, sent into slavery, and then imprisoned. While in prison he was forgotten but eventually made it into a top leadership position when God was ready.

Ester became orphaned, a political move removed her from a safe home with her uncle and then placed in a very restricted, foreign, environment. She eventually became Queen alongside of a very evil King who didn't think twice about having someone killed. She herself eventually faced annihilation by a high ranking inside official and then turned instant hero when God needed her to do so.


Not sure I like either of those scenarios.

Let's try another one:

David was sent to look after sheep with a father that didn't even acknowledge him as being a legitimate son until his father was confronted by the head prophet that was on assignment from God. His brothers become jealous and despised him after they were passed over for the kingly position. David then gets moved into the palace as a musician, but almost gets killed dogging the Kings spear when the king goes into a jealous rage. The King then obsesses for the rest of his life about killing David and David stays on the run for about seven years before Saul dies and David earns the right to half a kingdom. Once David gets the first half, he then has to fight for another few years in order to gain control of the second half because people won't recognize Samuel's God given prophecy over his life.


That's nasty.

But here's the truth.

None of those people would have arrived at their true God given destination and identity without overcoming the face of adversity.

The same is true for both you and I.

If this has caught your interest, keep an eye open for next week's blog, as I'm doing a series on identity and destiny.

In fact, on August 18 I will be hosting a FREE Zoom call with my newfound friend Nelli O'Hara. She will be sharing her journey moving from a path of running from God, to being used by God, sharing prophetically on The Elijah List. But if God directs, she will also be speaking prophetically over some of those that join us on the FREE Zoom call.

So, be sure to sign up.

The link will be available shortly :)




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