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Finding Purpose in Those Spaces

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Finding Purpose in Those Spaces


Again it is my pleasure to share Hanna O'Brien's heartfelt blog, challenging all of us to step out of the familiar and into the uncomfortable.

If you would love to hear her beautiful British accent, an audio version has been attached for your convenience.

"I have consistently been a woman of faith for the past 7 years, however, the past 2 years have really shifted me from being a woman of faith, to a devoted follower of Jesus, deeply rooted in His Word and promise over my life.

Do you know what it is to live devoted to Jesus?

To live devoted means you will become uncomfortable in the world, yet live forever in the comfort of our Father.

It means you will willingly be uprooted and replanted many times over.

You will stand at the point of tension, yet choose to bear fruit in the midst.

I recently experienced a test to my devotion when my pastor asked me to stand on a stage and speak to the faces looking back at me.

In the ask I felt the prompting to say "yes", yet this was quickly followed by doubt, and a desire to run and hide.

Thoughts such as "What did you just agree to", and What if you swear" (we all have an area being refined)?

Then the thoughts went deeper into, " This is far to exposed for me and I don't want to be seen".

And there it was, the root to my doubt and fear, "I don't want to be seen!"

To be seen to me is vulnerable, uncomfortable, and exposed.

Yet in this season it is giving a Jesus-rooted purpose to the life I have lived. A life I've always felt, and has made the heads of others spin.

Yet Jesus continues to show up using it for His glory.

You see, as people, we always want to see the best in others, and hide from ourselves an almost refusal to see the best within us.
Whatever is that?
Is it what sits on the surface?
The parts we want to put forward because we've been told this is what's good?
Is it the mask we become too comfortable wearing, conforming to the world?
Or, is it the hidden spaces where we wrestle with Jesus that we don't want seen that keeps us bound?
This is what I've learned about devotion when we choose to look to Christ as our teacher, uncomfortable and afraid, He does something truly miraculous.
Devotion is something we develop through a series of choices.
Sacrificing more of the world in us so we can be truly blessed by the gift of who He wants to be within us.
You get to live as a beacon of hope in the world as it is today!
Choosing to live devoted to the one who saved you, Jesus.
Your life isn't for nothing, it holds purpose in His kingdom.
There is meaning to it because He calls you worthy of His love.
Your life, whatever the story has been, makes you relatable to the people He has hand picked to do life with you.
The lives looking for hope in the same spaces you have walked.
The same hope you are now blessed with, Jesus is the hope of the world.  
Stop holding back what He has done for you, robbing the people in your life of the gift He can be for them.
Find purpose through Him in those spaces, and you will find what it is to live a life devoted to Jesus, and not just that, you will finally see the devotion He has had for you!"
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