Dread Champion

Another Mini Moment:

What does it mean to be a dread champion?

For me it means putting fear in the heart of God's arch enemy.

It means that every time I open my mouth to trumpet the word of God, he quivers at the sound of my voice and the words that I speak.

It also means being able to turn back the hordes of hell just by the sound of my name being mentioned, because they knows they will get hit hard and lose of ground.

Am I there yet? No. But I determined to be that someday.

How do I begin?

To literally see myself as that dread champion, because without being able to envision myself as one, it will literally be impossible to shift into being one.

So, what about you?

Has God has called you to be a dread champion?

Then say yes and choose to ride with Him, whatever that looks like for you.

Song: Come Ride With Me


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