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Dancing and Spinning with Delight

god thoughts Jul 24, 2021
flowers in the desert

Another Mini Moment:

Delay does not mean God isn’t faithful. It just means His timeline and agenda are different than yours.

Even if it is weeks, months or decades before God walks out the fullness of His plans for your life, if you will continue to submit to God and not rebel, even when all hope is long gone, God still promises to do some amazing things.

Know that delay easily wounds the heart. It allows misunderstandings and judgments to come between the two of you and cause division.

Confusion and doubt about God’s lack of intervention will also push out intimacy and peace, leaving your relationship with God to be walked out in a mechanical manner.

Hurt and pain then judge God as distant and uncaring because delay was the thief that stole your hope and distorted your relationship.

So, let go of your timeline and make a choice to believe in the goodness of God. Delay cannot steal from you if there is only God’s timeline.

Then put in remembrance before God His very own words while declaring it over yourself: “Every dry place, every barren place will burst forth with abundant blossoms dancing and spinning with delight.” Isaiah 34:2a TPT. (Italicized is mine).

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