Closing the Gap Between You and God


Many people wonder why God feels so distant. The short answer: there is an emotional disconnect at the heart level. When you were a child things happened and relationally you shut down in self protection mode both vertically (God) and horizontally (people.) This same self defense mechanism, unless healed, then followed you into adulthood.  

 Lies such as “the world isn’t safe” or God doesn’t care came out of a childhood that wasn’t safe and where bad things did happen. So because God didn’t keep you safe, as an adult there was a tendency to over compensate for that belief by shutting Him out.

 That wound then left you to go about living life disappointed, hurt and holding a grudge against God. You might have been aware of this and you might not have. But until that vertical relationship gets cleaned up, you will have a “distance” problem regarding Him.

 If this is the case, then God has been relegated to running in the background of your life like a computer program. However unbeknownst to you, God has been waiting a long time for the moment that you would begin to look for Him again and He is really excited about reconnecting.

 His arms right now, are opened wide, ready to give you a loving embrace but know He won't violate your will. He will respect your distance if you want to hold your grudge; even into the grave. The timing of closing the gap is totally in your control.

 Know it has always been God’s intent to heal the broken parts of your heart. He never wanted you to be hurt in the first place. It wasn’t because you were bad or ugly that things happened. Bad things happen to good people all the time. Know that even if you were to blame, God’s healing hand still desires to extend because Jesus died for ALL.

 God is the best heart specialist around so when you are ready, go to Him for your open heart surgery and course correct your damaged emotional heart. Take everything to the cross; give Him all your anger, all your fears and all your tears. Don’t listen to those who say you shouldn’t do this. God wants your pain and He will accept it any way you can give it to Him.

 By off loading on God and then replacing it with His truths, you will be able to live the next half of your life the way that you really have wanted to. The other bonus is when you reconnect with the source that holds your future clarity will also take place regarding the direction that will be the most fulfilling.

 Make sure to connect if you want to fast forward the process and close the gap sooner than later between you and God. I can be contacted via my website; Face Book: Prosper with Dorothy Wellness & Business Coach; or Instagram Prosper with Dorothy.


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