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self image series storyline transition Jan 27, 2022

We consistently define ourselves by the storyline we have created within our minds and our hearts. 

These storylines not only are developed through childhood but are reinforced through adulthood unless we consciously decide to change the narrative.

What is interesting is that the need to stay consistent with how you define yourself is unconsciously played out by over 90%.

So, if you want to change your current storyline because you are tired, bored, unhappy or just plain hate your current circumstances, know it is more important to change your unconscious storybook line, not so much your conscious one.

One of the ways to do this is to become childlike again.

Remember as children how wonderful we were at imagining ourselves as super hero's, teachers, doctors, nurses or anything our mind would take us to.

If you will allow yourself to go there again, imagining life differently in picture form, not just words, it will help your brain to make room for the new. Without it, you will have a much harder time changing your narrative.

Some of the questions you can ask yourself are:

  • what is the storyline that is limiting me?
  • what will it take to live a life I've never lived before?
  • what is the story around my problem?
  • what determines the quality of my life?
  • what has the story of my life been about?
  • what is my new story going to be about?
  • what is holding me up from switching storylines?

For those who are interested in joining others to do this with, there is a women's group working on changing their storyline called Identity and Destiny. We meet 7 pm the 3rd Wednesday of every month via a Zoom call.

In between calls, ideas and activities are emailed to help you shift your storyline into something you can be proud of, that gives you life, and also energizes you. 

There is a money back guarantee and a low monthly rate that you can stop or start at any time, no questions asked.

So, if you are like me and need help sustaining motivation, come and join those of like mind in learning how to successfully make the transition from the old storyline and into the new.

Sign up today for the Destiny and Identity support group.

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