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An Amazing Ending

brain hacks emotional mastery journey to health Jun 01, 2022

It doesn't logically make sense that you can rewrite history.

History is history.


Well it depends if you are wanting to change the state of current affairs, or emotional experiences that stem from your past.

For the purpose of this blog, it will be the latter.

When working with the brain, there is a part called the limbic system. It is the area that controls the emotional reaction of fight, flight, or freeze. 

One of the amazing things about this limbic system is that it doesn't tell time.

That is why events in your past can pop up and feel like you are reliving them, right now, in real time. It doesn't matter if they you remember them or not, for any traumatic issues that have never been healed, they can surface at any time. They just need some kind of trigger.

Think of it like flipping on a light switch when going into a dark room, it instantly changes from dark to light. Your unresolved past experience can be triggered just that quick.

So, the good news is, like a movie, by changing the storyline to those old, unresolved memories, you can literally disempower the memory and feel an emotional release. It works for childhood wounds as well as those in adulthood.

Here is a real life example: I worked with someone last week who's memory had them stuck on a ceiling, looking down on a painful past event from their childhood. When this person imagined themselves escaping  by literally vanishing through the ceiling into safety and away from the point of pain, they were able to begin the process of closing up that memory. Prior to that they were just stuck, and in this case, it was on a ceiling.

In a second example: I worked with another client and this time they escaped a painful scene by imagining themselves escaping through a trap door under the bed. Their emotional level of pain went from an 8/10 down to a 2/10. It took less than 5 minutes.

It sounds crazy, and the logical part of your brain goes "no way!" but you need to understand that your limbic system senses the emotional shift and says "they are safe now" and allows the intensity of the trauma to drop.

Sometimes it takes more than one round of working with changing the picture for it to work, but if you would like to have a go at it in real time, come join me in a two hour FREE Zoom workshop and corporately clean up some of your pain points.

In this workshop, I will literally walk you through, step by step, the rewriting of your memories. You will not have to share any details publicly because it is all done in your head, through your imagination.

The workshop is called "Changing Your Mind" and will be held Saturday June 11, 1 pm EST.

Watch for the sign up link which will be sent out in a few days time and make sure to share it with friends or family members. Let's get the word out there so going forward, life will be made easier for all of us. I'm sure we can all use that right about now :)


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