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brain hacks emotional mastery Nov 12, 2022

Have you ever been disappointed in yourself because you overreacted, compounded by the fact that you hurt those around you?

If you have, I would like to share two brain hacks to try.

In my personal experience, it was these two brain hacks that helped me to release my guilt and shame faster than anything I'd tried to date.

But before I go there, know that asking for forgiveness is really the best place to start, both with yourself and those you hurt.

Should you find that the act of forgiveness is not enough to help you shake your pain over what went down, and peace eludes you, know brain hacks are the next best thing.

So here goes:

First, recognize that the emotional part of your brain doesn't understand words.

Next, understand that: because your emotional brain doesn't understand language, images, not words, are the key to freeing yourself emotionally.

So, based on the above information, the following two hacks will only use pictures, not words.

You can use any picture that you want, but whatever you use, it must bring both life and healing to your emotions. 

In order to learn this skill, feel free to use the following, then piggyback onto your own.

You may find that a prophetic picture (one that you never would have imagined and comes from God) begins to take over from your imagination. If it does, and as long as it is positive, let it, because your emotional release should become even more powerful.

Hack #1: Start by imagining yourself putting those negative, hurt emotions in a bag, or box. See yourself closing the container, then shrink your box, or bag in size until it completely disappears. Smile when done.

For some, brain hack #1 may be all that is needed to let go of pain and shame. I know for me it wasn't, so I utilized brain hack number two, which ended up being a continuation of brain hack #1. 

Hack #2: Again, picture yourself in your imagination with your bag or box that contains the painful emotions. Knowing you are struggling to let them go, ask Christ to come and help you at the same time bringing Jesus into the picture. Walk out in your imagination giving your box or bag containing the pain to Christ. Look into His eyes and see His compassion and forgiveness. Allow a smile to come onto your face, and feel the weight lift off your shoulders. Then leave that area, continuing to smile in both your imagination and in the natural.

NOTE: If the picture you are using doesn't work, try it again, but change what you are imagining. Keep changing it until the weight of your emotions release.

If you find it only worked a little bit, keep repeating, but make sure to start where you ended off in the picture prior.

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