Two Keys To Becoming A World Changer


Have you ever thought about what it would take to be a world changer? I know I have. People like Oprah Winfrey, Zig Ziglar, Winston Churchill and many others. So what gives? Why them and not you or me?

Just like everyone else they are born, they make choices along the way, and yet end up making a vastly greater impact than most other people.

Is it their character, sacrificial living, or anointing? Maybe they have a higher calling on their life? What if God has predetermined it, or possibly just favors them more?

You might even be one who is highly gifted and doing amazing things to display God’s glory which is a definite asset, but if you are not having worldwide influence, then this is also not the right key.

What about those who have a major worldwide impact and don’t have God in their life? What is that about? You would think that having God to help them would be a definite advantage, and it is, but why are there not more people who profess God in their lives sitting in positions of power influencing societal norms?

My belief is that the playing field is level at the point of birth and there is equal opportunity for all to manifest the greatness that lies within them.

So, what is the key that allows you to carry worldwide impact?

Well, definitely operating out of your innate God given design is part of it, but there is still a missing component. I believe that Arthur Burk identified the missing element when he said that there is a key principal associated with every redemptive gift that has the ability to unlock the powerhouse from within.

It is this powerful combination of operating out of your primary redemptive gift and the key principal associated with it that takes you from being ordinary to becoming extraordinary allowing you to have a greater level of visibility and impact.

Another way of saying it is, when everything perfectly aligns nothing will hold you back from doing great exploits for our God!

Why is this important?

It is important because whoever holds the office of power, influences their communities and ultimately nations.

Let’s consider one other issue – distractions.

Arthur comments that the devil’s most effective strategy is to sidetrack us to develop extraordinary gifts and callings, skill sets and authority in areas that don’t apply to unlocking our primary redemptive gift. They are very legitimate activities but they don’t move you forward towards fulfilling your destiny.

Know that there is nothing wrong with learning about other areas, but if you are frustrated and not making the impact that you know you are capable of, then do a course correction.

How do you do this? Align with your primary design and key principal. It is then and only then that the world influencer within you will align with its full potential and fulfill its part in the manifestation of God’s Kingdom mandate here on earth.

If what I talked about landed and it's time to align with your full potential, sign up for my FREE Supernatural Natural Consult and let’s discuss what the best plan of action is to unlock and activate the world changer within.


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