Re-Calibrate and Re-Sync


When a car engine isn’t working properly you can hear it; that is if you know what a good motor sounds like. It is the same for a stringed instrument. The strings need to be adjusted to be in harmony with one another, but often a person has to “learn” what this sounds like, and it takes training.

So in life, what is your ear trained to listen for? Does it know the sound of a healthy relationship or is it still listening to the old sounds of past abuse, anger, disharmony? What are you looking for? Are you expecting to be in a healthy relationship or are you waiting for it to turn sour; just like the other ones did?

Know that what you expect and what you are familiar with can come across as “normal” but normal isn’t necessarily healthy, especially if the outcome doesn’t end up in harmony. If that is the case then invest in a tune up and re-calibrate or re-sync your thoughts and expectations. Don’t keep limping along, barely just making it, and always getting the raw end of the deal.

You are worth way more than the bottom of the bucket and the only reason why you are there is because you are out of sync and need to re-calibrate. So if you are ready and want to check out what that would look like with a FREE 45 min coaching session, either click link or copy and paste link into your browser and let’s get you harmonizing with healthy sounds and vibrant frequencies and best of all, healthy relationships!


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