One Question Can Change Everything!


Unmet needs in our childhood can really mess a person up. Because there is no violence or loud voices, it is easier to think that everything is ok, when it is not.

A child’s heart is very precious and tender. They believe the adult knows best and so when they are neglected, ignored, or their heart was simply missed, they will then come up with a rhyme or a reason in judgment against themselves. These two messages both from themselves and the adult are then carried into adulthood.

As an adult, this distorted filter system will now affect everything you hear and see, entrapping you into a prison of loneliness, self condemnation and even self hatred. These lies are so insidious that they will “feel” like truth, but will actually stop you from knowing the heart of those that are for you.

The beginning of unraveling the lies and self hatred is to question if what you are hearing is actually truth. Put that question mark “?” to what you are hearing; like a wedge in a doorway. Simply by doing this one act, you can begin to walk away from the bondage holding you and your relationships hostage, into freedom, wholeness and health.

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