It is Time to Rise Up and Take Back Our Nation

As Christians we are to be salt and light but salt unless it has contact, it has no impact.
So, my question to you is, would the government have labeled the church as a non essential during the time of this pandemic if we had been salt and light with impact?
I say no they would not have.
That means our salt and light has basically stayed within the four walls of the church or we have lost our ability to be salt and light.
Historically the down hill decline started many centuries ago when Constantine came into power and legalized the church. Because Christians no longer had to run for their lives, we became content to be pew sitters and fell in love with a comfortable Christianity.
The problem is when that happened, we lost our voice and failed to impact society at large.
Case in point: today we have the worst government morally and ethically in Canadian history, and the government is now dictating to the church and the rest of society what we morally are to believe. This means they are impacting us. We are not impacting them.
Biblically and historically, God does not move until His people step out to do something first. Examples of this are the fight against oppression, injustice and intimidation with Gideon, David, Nehemiah and many others.
Just like the biblical stories of old had to swing the sword and take some things down, so must we both speak up AND act. Prayer is not enough on its own. The most effective method is PRAYER plus ACTION working in conjunction with one another.
Another case in point. Look at how the nation of Canada has lost its moral compass since our current Prime Minister has stepped into power. As Christians we prayed but took little to NO action and failed to shift the government stance. Sad to say, those that opposed Christian moral values did NOT pray but ACTED and changed a nation within a shockingly short time frame.
Here is a current scenario that is on the table ready to be made law. If we as believers don't let our voices be heard, you will loose your right to influence those you love. Recently Bill C6 was re-introduced which has the ability to put a parent, pastor, counsellor or anyone who talks to a child about same sex identity/surgery that does not comply with the popular ideology of society into jail for 5 years.
That means you as a parent cannot even influence your child in gender issues? Give me a break. Since when did the government have the right to dictate moral compass and gender issues?
The answer is: when we as a body of believers remained silent and let them.
The government was never meant to dictate the moral code of society and tell you what is right and what is wrong. That is the job of the church based on biblical principals.
If you let them do this through the absence of your input and influence, I guarantee it won't align with the bible and will not only affect you, but the generations to come.
Church if you don't use your voice, you will lose your voice, and it will be no one's fault but your own. NOW is the time to act before that stupid law passes along with all the others.
In the past I have been guilty for not using my voice and influence with members of parliament, social media, family and friends. I withheld my opinions because I was uncomfortable, it was way easier and sometimes out of fear of reprisal.
But as of today that is changing.
Isa 60:1-3 states "arise and shine..." If you go into the actual meaning, it is not a suggestion, it is a command. So, God is requiring something of us and it is to stand up and fight.
Things will never go back to what we use to know as "normal" post pandemic. The exciting news is that we have a new normal and get the opportunity to help shape society and its governing laws.
In order to do this we need to become like the first century church, passionate for God and fearing not our lives unto death.
It is critical we stand up and fight and not just sing or pray about it. How do we do this? We do it by not backing down on what is biblically true, and standing against unjust laws and ungodly agendas; no matter what others around us believe.
Church this is our finest hour. A global revival will take place according to God's purpose and it will happen amid this deep darkness that covers the earth.
In order to be a part of it we need to be the salt and the light outside of the four walls of a building by making impact, and making ourselves available for God to use.
Bottom line: When we stand up, God will show up. 
So if you are tired of the wrong voices dictating ungodly values, forcing them upon you and making them into laws, keep an eye on these blogs because I am going to start using not only my voice, but my influence.
What that looks like I'm not totally sure, but if you are tired of being bullied by ungodly voices, stay tuned.
It is time for the Ecclesia (the governing body of believers) to arise and arise she will.
For more information or to discuss your thoughts on the above, contact me at [email protected]. I would love to hear from you.

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